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November 20, 2009


Henry Mayhew

I wish I could see a reason for UKIP to participate in the GE.

Ken Stevens

Henry Mayhew:

How about "To offer a genuine democratic choice on a ballot paper", as compared with the three main parties' solidarity (with slight differences of degree) on the question of the EU.
Ain't gonna be no other form of referendum!

That you are a potential Conservative suggests you are not entirely convinced by the Tories' stance on at least one major topic.


Henry: "To deliver the 2005 manifesto pledge promised and subsequently reneged upon by the LibLabCON triumvirate, and to give people a chance for the first time since 1975 (when they were conned into believing it was a referendum about free trade anyway) to say what they think about being governed by unelected politicians in Brussels rather than by elected MPs in Westminster who can be booted out after five years if they turn out to be corrupt." Does that answer your question?



I wish I could see a reason for the Tories to contest the coming GE but since Cameron is the “Heir to Blair” and the Cameroons are New Labour reborn, I cannot.


I wish I could see a point to all these UKIP commentators coming to ConservativeHome if their party is that wonderful then maybe they should be commenting on that!

Henry Mayhew

David a h, that is a good point, well made.

Winston's Black Dog

..."I wish I could see a reason for UKIP to participate in the GE"....

I'll give you 3 reasons.

New Labour

Lib Labour

Blue Labour

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