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November 11, 2009


Henry Mayhew

Wrong but wromantic.

We need a big Tory win at the GE followed by re-opening the Euro debate at a propitious moment. Up the Tories!

Alex Agius.

Lets hope Alan Wood wins. Of the 4 in this video he would be the one who I would like to see get it.


But, come the Restoration, Henry, and after 12 – 13 years of misrule by oppressive witch hunting control freaks, the Wrong and Romantics triumphed!

Then we all became happy once more.

Henry Mayhew

Under an immeasurably improved constitution David that set us up to create the modern world.

By the way I got it wrong the other day. According to my old mum I'm descended not from William IV as I posted, but Charles II. I don't suppose he'd be selected as the Tory candidate for SW Norfolk today.

Justin Hinchcliffe

What is this? UKHome?

Planet Earth Calling

Perhaps we should meet the Labour and Lib Dem euro-federalist MPs that will be elected thanks to UKIP

Tony Makara

UKIPs problem is that as a protest group their appeal has never gone beyond a certain type of voter. There is no broad outreach, no left or centre, its all right-wing.

Whenever I hear people speaking about how much they dislike the EU they always seem to be blue-collar types rather than the usual Savile Row dilettanti that orbits UKIP. There is real anger out there, but UKIP only seems to speak to itself!

michael mcgough

No need there are plenty within your ranks.

Super Blue

None of them seem to have those wild, staring eyes that a proper UKIP leader surely needs.


Tony Makara
"the UK Independence Party up from 2.3 to 4.3 per cent.......... suggests that support is highest among working class groups and older people."

from a link on this site, Populus poll, Monday.

So unless the working class have taken to shopping in Saville Row, your certain type of voter view is wrong.


After this we then had Farage misleading people saying he removed the UKIP whip from Wise. He did not. Wise was suspended from the EC Independent party that UKIP were part of. Wise remained a UKIP member until March of this year when he let his membership lapse.

Farage (according to an NEC member) voted to end the UKIP internal investigation into Wise.


Neither Charles II nor William IV had legitimate issue (hence James I & VII and Queen Victoria), Henry, so how can you be sure from where you come? More importantly, do you know where you are going?

Tony Makara,
Which of UKIP's policies are particularly "right wing"? Anyway, it’s good to see that both man parties are following us down the path for nuclear power, albeit 15 years late.


No legitimate issue, it is true. But both had plenty of illegitimate issue. So Mr Mayhew could well be right (but not necessarily repulsive)

Super Blue


Charles II and William IV had no LEGITIMATE heirs - true - but both spawned large illegitimate families. William's TEN FitzClarence children include the ancestors of Adam Hart-Davis and David Cameron (who must be Henry's cousin). As for Charles II, he procreated like a proper Stewart and his descendants remain numerous today.

Stephen (published genealogist)


We’ve established on another thread that Henry secretly fancies Nell Gwyn. Perhaps she is his GGGGGGG Granny.


Looks like they are talking loads of sense to me.


Stephen (Super Blue),

Thanks for the information. I was well aware that Charles II had lots and lots of offspring but I knew very little about William IV other than he filled in the space between George IV and Victoria and, when King, was mostly rather ill. Obviously his life was more eventful than I had thought. But then, when it comes to "other women”, those Whigs made you Tories seem positively puritanical!

Man in a Shed

The most impressive on show there was the lady chairing the hustings.

CCHQ will be praying to get any of them on question time.


I've a feeling Lord P could wipe the floor with anyone from the big 3 parties.

Steve Tierney

I wasn't very impressed with any of those speakers. They all seem to be cut from the same cloth.

UKIP has hordes of attack dogs and angry folk, as you'd expect. For a leader they need somebody with some charisma who can connect with the public. That doesn't seem to be on offer.

As Conservatives I think we need to thank our stars that certain of our colleagues didn't move over and take the job. No names mentioned, but I suspect everybody knows who I mean.


Who invited the 7ft transvestite?


@ John F

Your comments are obviously in line with the new compassionate caring conservatism not.

Never read such a load of contradictory twaddle as posted on this thread.

Steve Tierney is right, if Dan or Doug or both came over to UKIP you lot would be toast.


550 UKIP candidates offering what the public increasingly wants on the EU - could really mess up Cameron's coronation.


Watch this:


It certainly could Peter. I visited a UKIP branch, not because of the EU, but because of the blanket smoking ban rather than a ban that supported catering for everyone(as in the majority of countries throughout the EU and the world).

I have since left the Tory party as a result of being informed about the EU.

Just like the infamous words 'there is no making pacts with jews', so go the words, 'there is no making pacts with those who do not conform'.

The apathy amongst the British citizens is now at boiling point and God help us all of the tories refuse to address it.

The country (as most are hanging-fire and understand) is on hold until our next long-awaited election.

The tories can choose to accept what the public want, or they can choose to ignore it. If they choose to ignore it, then goodness knows what will happen at the election after next

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