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October 23, 2009


John Moss

Ahhh didumms!

Whilst I would much prefer to have seen the panel asked about the postal workers' strike and Brown's debt mountain - and Griffith to have floundered like a fish on a bike - if he chose to appear, then he should have known what he was going to get.

If he can't take it, he knows what he can do.

T.England. Very working class.

We can all clearly see how things can be twisted & manipulated!!
“Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration"


C Ingoldby

The BBC managed to cede the moral high ground to the BNP.

Unbelievable and very stupid.


john moss said.
if he chose to appear, then he should have known what he was going to get.

He should of been treated like any other guest on the show with respect and good manners, the bbc audience and panel and dimbleby demeaned itself showing itself no better than him,worse in fact.

Andy JS

The awful thing is that Griffin has got a point with this complaint. I've always regarded David Dimbleby as one of the best people on TV (I love him on election night) but unfortunately he managed to screw this one up.

David Graves-Moore

There can be no disputing the fact that the BNP should have been invited onto a BBC Questiontime panel. They are a recognised political party who have two MEPs and almost a million votes at the Euro elections. How typical of the political Left to want to deny free speech to opponents. Having said all of that I could not possibly see myself ever voting BNP - all I am saying is that the tactics of the Left (with violent demonstrations as ell as attempted censorship) are equally intolerable.

It is a shame that Dimbleby handled the occasion so badly, with his aggressive attitude to the BNP man. One is also left wondering if the BBC chose to pack the audience with anti-BNP people. Normally they try to allocate audience places across the parties and to uncommitted people. Clearly that did not happen this time.

One final point: if the BBC was worried about giving time to the BNP, why did the programme devote 90% of its time to questions about it ?

The people who appeared totally inadequate on the programme were undoubtedly Dimbleby & an incoherent Jack Straw.


trying to do too much in one piece.



jack straw


the cameron grand finale was one punch too many.

rhetoric works in threes. use of humour permanently absent.

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