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October 16, 2009



Someone has lost his latest bet on the horses.

And BBC Scotlands presevters support Salmond. one is fighting a by-election for his Party.

As a Scot I hate Alex Salmonds. and no one with a brain likes u Alex.


ashame about the two people in the studio but salmond was his usual amusing self.

The majority of people in Scotland voted for parties that oppose the break up of the United Kingdom and did not say they would hold a referendum.

The SNP is a minority government, they won ONE more seat than labour and they won it with a majority of just 48 votes. When the SNP have a majority, then its time for a referendum.

Although in truth the people elected to the Scottish parliament are not there for constitutional matters anyway. Its westminster elections that count, and if a majority of the vote did go to the SNP, then ofcourse a referendum must happen.

Even if we are assured a refendum victory it is no justification for holding one. It wont make the SNP go away or give up, if there is an official referendum and 40% of the voters say they want independence, that is a dangerous stat to live with.

Quebec / Canada is the perfect example. In 1980 60% voted to stay part of Canada, in 1995 a second referendum was held and 49% said they wanted independence. The SNP must be defeated, referendum solves nothing.


I agree, I am from Scotland and Alex Salmond is a Pure Idiot, Why would you take Scotland out of a Union that makes her more powerfull, We have more of a say in a United Kingdom, Come on Alex Salmond, get a grip

A Reformed Labour Voter

Scotland - a country that lives on subsidies from England.

As a way of saying thank you, the Scots generally have a belligerent attitude towards their benefactors.

To make matters worse they vote Labour and export their toxic trash (Brown, Darling, Martin, Reid, Alexander etc) to England.

Personally, I'd like to wish Alex Salmond all the best. Set them free! It'll save us a fortune.

D Ledbetter

Oh come on those above. Calling Alex Salmond names like idiot, no brains, etc is pathetically immature, and I'm afraid just makes u look foolish. I'm not a Scot and don't really care much about Scottish politics, but Salmond is no idiot. He is one of the best politicians of our era, like him or not, the rest of the politicians we have in the UK are pretty much political pygmies.

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everyone has brains... but only few people know how to use it in the right direction...

Mark Bishop

What a terrible man Alex Salmond is. He has elevated the racist element in Scotland purely for his own gains. He only wants to stay in the limelight and stir up racial hatred and what good will that do us? He hasn't thought the thing through properly and is ignoring the sheer financial damage it will do to Scotland. Paying his share of the RBS fiasco, low tax income from the fewer working people there, weakening the NHS services with free prescriptions, the delay and uncertainty of any possible investors, cost of roads, healthcare education and services on a tiny budget will mean less money to go around. He wants to play games with his country's future simply to make himself look good and for the sake of his own ego. Briton of the Year, the Times has said. You can't be a Briton if you want to break up the Union.

He has brought the true racist anti English feelings of the majority of the Scots to the notice of the English public. They really didn't understand all that hate. That, in turn has caused the ordinary English person, who had no idea of this ill feeling, to ask why they are subsidising Scots if they hate the English so much? Silly Salmond. Now English people are saying *well, if you don't like us, we will be better off without out you matey, off you go*.

However, it could turn out to be the kick in the pants that Scotland needs to start making something of themselves and stop taking handouts. They COULD actually make something of it. All well and good and I wish them well.

A huge change in the attitude *Scotland for the Scots* is needed. The average person will need to work alongside *gasp* foreigners....

I just feel so sorry for the little children who will be living in child poverty as a result of this. Not only child poverty but fuel poverty, it's extremely cold there, generally about 3-5 oC colder with harsher winds and more snow.

However, we will no longer have to listen to people who seem to think it's some kind of a contest to squeeze the word Scotland as many times as possible into a sentence.

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