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October 19, 2009


Andrew Smith

Many of us think Scotland has been running the UK for the past 10 years, taking account of their over-representation in Westminster, many Scottish MPs for English constituencies and the large number of Scots in the Cabinet.

The very thought of SNP having the whip hand after a hung parliament says all there is to say about coalitions and PR voting - the politicos decide who gets power and what is done, rather than the people.

Whatever system we have Carswell's idea of recall (which both Farage and Clegg have supported at different times) would assist. If elected MPs in a hung parliament made deals the public don't like we could reacll them.

john parkes

Wasn`t it Doctor Johnson who said something about the Scotch getting on the high road to England and nothing being more frightening than the sight of a Scotchman on the make?
This obnoxious little man feels sufficiently secure to boast about his talent for political blackmail. Of course it is yet another ploy to drive a wedge into the Union and thus try to achieve independence for Scotland. There will be some Scots who relish this approach, but possibly only those who have their eyes set on the trough and cannot wait to immerse their snouts in it. Perhaps they should be careful what they wish for; they might be unlucky enough to get it.

Wallace and Gromit

Good old 'hang the English on Scottish rope' Salmond is a bit rubbish as the inheritor of Wallace, Bruce and Slightly Camp Charlie. Just a little tubby bloke who should be working behind the fish counter at Morrisons.

He needs wode, a junior size claymore and maybe some built up shoes and a sixty tabs a day habit to add a bit more gravitas with that reedy ickle voice.

Has anyone else noticed that since the Ashcroftian sell out, Conservative Home has abdicated any direct comment on the English Question to PlayPolitical?

'Wasn`t it Doctor Johnson who said something about the Scotch getting on the high road to England '

As the Scottish saying goes, those with any get up and go have got up and gone.


I am a Scot living in England and I was horrified by Alex Salmond's remarks. Devolution should have been a question for the whole of the UK not just parts of it as it concerns everyone. Either it is undone - not likely, Scotland goes independent, we have a federal system for all four countries or England has it's own parliament and only English MPs can vote on English matters. I can only think that Salmond's intention was to turn more and more people in England against Scotland, it certainly has me.

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