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September 04, 2009



I love the fact that he's bombing the whole of Ireland with leaflets explaining the effects of the Lisbon Treaty.

From Irish TImes -

THE UK Independence Party (UKIP) will send a leaflet to every Irish home urging a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty to close an “open door” to immigrants.

It will also argue that the final decision on sensitive ethical issues such as abortion and euthanasia will pass from Irish to European courts if the treaty is ratified.

British MEP and UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “With the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is justiciable at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, it will no longer be your Supreme Court that takes decisions on really hot and contentious issues.” He added the European court had a record of “political activism”.

Mr Farage, who is a trenchant critic of the EU, described the Government’s guarantees on the treaty as “laughable”.

He said UKIP had decided to get involved in the Lisbon referendum campaign because the “No side seemed to be a bit thin on the ground, and someone needed to redress the balance”.

He's relishing attacking Bercow in Buckingham. This is Farage the activist free of leadership complications.

The interviewer did not ask enough of why he's resigning as leader, and got hung up on MEP's expenses.

For Farage - respect.


They're coming to take him away!

Henry Mayhew Ukipper

Farage: Conservative Hero


If this man ever came close to serious power, the establishment would have his brains blown out.

This man is a hero.


The BBC interviewer is either stupid or deliberately twisting the facts about the MEP allowances. Nigel Farage gave the details about the allowances at a press conference to illustrate how the EU was wasting our money. Denis McShane then went on the BBC saying that 'his friend' Nigel Farage had 'admitted' to him that he had claimed £2 million over the last ten years. Lying b******. I hate McShane and I hate the BBC. Good luck, Nigel.

David Galea

Farage needs to come up with a better answer to the allowances question. If you're not aware of his previous discussion on the subject it comes across as bad.

Avril King

I would like the BBC suits to ask every British MEP exactly the same question they ask Farage: how much have they have received in salaries and allowances? Why haven't they asked them to refute Farage's assertion that they all get the same?
Farage's problem is that he says it like it is.
Perhaps someone should also ask the BBC how much it gets in EU loans and grants provided spreads the EU propaganda.

nigel green

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