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July 12, 2009



Nick Griffin made a lot of sense.
Marr's face was a picture at the end.

Harry Levy

Why give publicity to this rascist twerp?
Next thing he'll deny the Holocaust,what a buffoon Nick Griffin is


Unfortunately for some it's called DEMOCRACY like it or not,Nick Griffin has every right to be on the BBC and other media,I hope to see him on shows like Question Time very soon,that way he can really be put under some scrutiny instead of simply sticking your head in the sand and denying he and his party exist,THEY DO and got around a million votes recently,and until the mainstream parties start robustly addressing the very many perfectly legitimate concerns of many up and down the land BNP will continue to attract ever-increasing support - simple as that.

Concerned Liberal of Hampstead

We can't have thousands of third world immigrants streaming into Hampstead. It would completely spoil the character of the place. I like Hampstead how it is now - liberal, cosmopolitan and lots of exciting restaurants. Let's not overdo it.


There yah go! Well I never; immigrants in Hampstead, the Cotswolds, Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, the snooty parts of Sussex and Surrey, not forgetting Henley on Thames, the former seat of the blonde bombshell wanting an amnestry. Make my day, bring it on. (Eventually its coming anyway - it just takes a Griffin to tell you).
I missed out Salisbury - sorry, Tim, I wasn't being racist.

Multi Cultural

Aren't those people who voted for this creature and the BNP ashamed of themselves?

I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the Earth was flat … I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria
Nick Griffin 1998

Come out of the closet Nick Griffin

If only the electorate realised Nick Griffin was allegedly a "poof" "bumboy"

Griffin had read Mein Kampf by the age of 13, and two years later he joined the National Front. Aged 16 he stayed at the home of National Front organiser Martin Webster. Webster was openly gay, and in a four–page leaflet written in 1999 claimed to have had a homosexual relationship with Griffin, then the BNP's publicity director

Sad person we can't have any more homosexuals telling us what to do now,can we?


So true, I would shove all gypsy traveller camps on Upper Street in Islington and see if Toybee and her ilk like what they force on villages in Berkshire.

Adrian Butterworth

"Aren't those people who voted for this creature and the BNP ashamed of themselves?"

I'd be ashamed to vote for politicians responsible for hundreds of thousands of killings in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as the deaths of British soldiers in uneccessary wars. As far as I know, Griffin has not caused anyone's death so let's not lose our sense of perspective here.

michael mcgough

It well suits the media's agenda to promote the Bnp with airtime and press coverage.By doing so they can highlight the Bnp's euroscepticism and thereby identify a link between the two.By the media's perverse logic anybody opposing the EU then becomes identified with the Bnp.


Sorry, I'd rather not have them in Hampstead, thank you very much.


I don't have time for his politics, but it is democracy and many people did vote for them. I think the more he is on TV, the fewer people will vote for them in future.

I actually think this was one of his few sensible points

I do feel political leaders do not take some policies seriously because they do not affect them. For example, all ministers should have to send all their children to comprehensive schools (and not cheat like Blair and send to one not local). Would do wonders for education system. Unless of course they campaign for return of grammars, education vouchers or other policies than comprehensives...

Ash Faulkner

He didn't come across too badly. His point about the distinction between ethnic and civic identity makes sense, but is redundant. Why does it matter? He's clearly hung up on the racial issue, and the only explanation can be irrational prejudice.

On the other hand, the stuff about sinking boats and all this. I have to say, I rather admire the blunt, no b******t attitude. It's so shocking to the liberal elites - which he correctly identifies as responsible for many of our problems - because it goes against the wet consensus.

Of course on the vast majority of issues - race and the economy most importantly - the BNP are wrong at best, and bigoted at worst. But he speaks like a real person, and when not tip-toeing around his racist/racialist ideas, comes across quite well. I'm not sure this is quite as bad as some others think, particularly for those non-politicos who aren't aware of the depth of the BNP's bigotry (and for that matter, stupidity re: protectionism).

Anne Allen

What an idiot. That's all I can say.


Well said Nick Griffin.Let the liberal elite live in the multicultural hell holes they are creating.

Mr Disgusted

Well done Nick Griffin, now isn't it time you were asked some questions worth answering?


Pure p***k maybe he should go and visit Auschwitz like I did last week he may change his pathetic opinion and grow some brain cells.

It is democracy though and he should be heard if anything for more and more people to realise the utter crap of him and his opinions.

Herr Hilter

Why is conservative home giving space to Nick Griffin?

To make it even-handed why not publicity for the Greens (They WILL win in Norwich)

Steve Tierney

Nick Griffin addresses a lot of issues other people would like to ignore. That's what is giving the BNP strength. And they will continue to get stronger until we address those issues with our own solutions and take the debate by the horns.

You can whine on and on about him being an "idiot" and a "racist" and a "fascist" and you're no doubt right on several levels. But the fact is he is saying things others aren't saying and striking a chord with huge sections of the British public.

Heads Out Of Sand. Or he'll be much bigger next year and much much bigger the year after. And you'll be all: "Oh no! How did that happen?" We have to take the debate to him and defeat him in straight argument.


These comment pages are filled with silly biased comments with nasty and vicious remarks/swearing included.As for Mr Griffins interview, he did address most peoples concerns about immigration which are not being debated openly by the main parties.Let us hear Mr Griffins policies on the poor economy ,Peak oil and energy.Let us have less bad language and silly biased views and more positive criticism.


It is time that the left wing fools,an end to political correctness, undemocratic government,over population and immigration came to an abrupt end in this country.You only have to read some of the comments made on this website tells you how childish and dumbed down our education has become and if Mr Griffin can correct all of this then he is assured of my vote.

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