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July 14, 2009


Mr Disgusted

Some people seem to have a problem understandimg the democratic process.

A million people voted in their name and now they will take their places in the fascist monster called the EU to try and stop it from within.

They have succeeded because an arrogant Tory Party refuses to address the concerns of the electorate, but instead choose to align itself with the likes of arch marxist hypocrite Billy Bragg and co and sneer at peoples concerns.

john in cheshire

Mr Disgusted,
hear, hear. I couldn't put it better myself. The fact that David Cameron is a member of the UAF, which appears to me to be a particularly nasty group of bigotted socialist thugs, is also of great concern. Who is there to protect my interests if the elected representatives (from all the main parties) fail to do so.


And this is an anti-BNP video? Like most anti-BNP coverage, it is more likely to attract people to them.

The two opening statements about racism are undeniably true (does anyone but Polly Toynbee think otherwise?) and if all these idiots posing with post-it notes don't believe in democracy then they should be the ones to get out the country.


What a ridiculous video, will do nothing to hamper the BNP and may actually help them. No genuine argument at all, and half the video about banal statements of 'not in my name'.

T .England

This video says NOTHING about why the BNP are becoming so popular because it dare not! The main parties answer to the BNP threat is to scream racist & tut loudly while carrying on with the very policies that are driving people to the BNP.
This video is a waste of internet space & is just like something those left wing facist thugs from the UAF, who Cameron supports, would make, it's just pointless.

Mark M

Oooh, got so close. Then they called the BNP far right. It is an interesting view of democracy some people have in this country.

I don't support the BNP in any way, but I respect their right to stand in free and fair elections, and their right to represent should they succeed under the rules of those elections.

Perhaps we need STV. Sure, sometimes you get the least hated candidate rather than the most popular, but at least you don't get a situation where the most hated can win on split votes.


When are the anti mass immigration, anti islamification of the UK and anti EUSSR videos coming out?


Who paid for this? Presumably public money has gone to some far left organisation to pay for this infantile drivel.


In all fairness i havent heard a racist comment from Nick Griffin.All i have heard him say is how much he wants to keep Britain British basically.Its the 3 main parties,UAF and UKIP that have been doing the mouthing.Names like nazi,facist,scum etc etc.Then we get an MEP refusing to sit next to them at the EU.Worse than a school kids behaviour.Just who are the facists here.They were democratically elected and have the same rights as anyone else there.I feel ashamed of our politicians.They have started a witch hunt and it is doing nothing but generate hate.What are they afraid the BNP will uncover,what is it they are scared of?Their only success is to make the BNP stronger.It will grow more and more.Why didnt they listen when they people said immigration was an issue,we were forced into the EU.Now its the peoples turn to retaliate.We dont live in a democracy,we get what the politicians want us to have .They decide our future we dont have a say in it.Now theyre trying to tell us who we can vote for.Its more like a policed state.The way things are looking for the BNP our 3 main parities are in for a real shake up.I cant wait.Theyre the only ones saying what WE want to hear.People wont be saying NOT IN MY NAME theyll be saying YES IN MY NAME THEY DID IT FOR US !!!!!


I suppose most people must be happy with our government situation as it is.Otherwise people wouldnt be attacking 2 MEP's,lets face it thet arent going to rule the world are they.If they stopped and thought whats happened over the years maybe theyd think a little differently.If someones from Pakistan then dont you dare call him a Paki,! but if theyre from Ireland you may call him Paddy,Scotland a Jock,Welsh Taff,etc etc.Oh no youll be arrested if you use the Paki word.Why?? We are being monitored by camera everywhere,thinking about ID cards,Cant elect the party we choose,and God forbid anyone who dare admit they voted for them.Tha Asians are allowed their own centres etc just for Asians,Yet can we who are British have these luxuries.NO we put up and shut up.You see this isnt about racism,gay people,religion,its about Britain,Free speech,freedom of choice,and bowing down to all the immigrants entering our country so we dont offend anyone.Well we do the British but they dont count its only their country.I have Asian friends and neighbours we get along really well.In fact some agree that immigration must stop and we should leave the EU.In Dewsbury theres a new Asain man who is running for government,and these are his policies.So dont tell me we are racist,biggots,nazis,etc etc we want whats right for Britain and the British people no matter what colour.If they are citizens and here legally then they are British.Please please take note.We are going to be flooded with immigrants we cant support our own people properly.We are giving millions of pounds weekly to the EU.Well,WHAT ABOUT US.

Der Jodlerkönig

As an American, I have a lot of respect for England. I always thought of the English as a kind and tolerant people. But from what I see in these comments, England has a lot of pompous, (surprisingly literate) whackos—more than I thought. I begin to fear that the Blackshirts will take power.

If the Nation of Goethe and Beethoven really did fall to the pox of Hitler, then what will save the Nation of Shakespeare and Purcell from being swallowed whole by blind hatred as well.

I know for certain, though, that if the Blackshirts take power, Scotland and Wales are OUT. AWA! THEY have the sense not to suffer your BNP nonsense for a' that.

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