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June 10, 2009



I hate the BNP but this tactic has given them more airtime and a reason for some of the public to feel they were being treated wrongly. I think anti-fascist groups need to re-think their strategy if they are going to succeed. Firstly they need to genuinely link up with others across the political spectrum, as all in the UK were united against fascists in the 40s.


Stupid and counter-productive.


Disgusting, the protestors work to show the BNP as a party of hate, and then hyprcritically use hate tactics against them. There is no place for that sort of protesting in Britain, whatever it is that you're protesting about.


BNP get democratically elected because people abstained from voting.
People MUST vote or take the consequences.

Keith Standring

The attack on the British National Party press conference outside Westminster is an assault on democracy itself.

Not since the end of Communism has Europe seen such an event. The BNP’s Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons - legitimate, peaceful and democratically elected politicians, representing around one million British voters - have been prevented from speaking to the media by a gang of thugs who are openly linked to Stalinist-era Communist Party front organisations and the Labour, Conservative and Liberal-Democrat parties.

British democracy is under attack. If violent thugs can prevent the BNP from speaking, who will be next?

No decent person can allow this dramatic turn of events to pass without protest. Every legal political party - no matter what their opinion - has the right to campaign and hold a press conference without fear of attack from extremist left wing fringe groups funded and supported by the Labour Party, Conservatives, Lib-Dems and Trade Unions.

After yesterday's violent & illegal attack by the moronic gang of UAF thugs, any self-respecting politician in any Party would have disowned the UAF. David Cameron and the other leaders of LibLabCon, however, remain silent on the matter and silence implies assent. In light of the systemic depth & breadth of corruption, sleaze & dishonesty in Westminster, they evidently regard defence of democracy & free speech of no importance because it provides no opportunity for personal, pecuniary gain.

Arthur Barker

I have never voted BNP but they are not the only racist/fascist party in Britain - all the main political parties are. They kowtow to the Muslims,Asians, Africans and travellers on a regular basis. They allow racist organisations such as the Black Police Association to continue in existence - can you imagine a White Police Association being allowed to exist? The BBC and other television channels concentrate cameras on coloured people and they are interviewed regularly in preference (it appears) to white people - I wonder sometimes which country I am living in. No wonder the BNP exists - in fact the wonder is it isn't the government and is a tribute to the tolerance of the majority population to allow these organisations to exist.

Andrew Edwards

If David Cameron et al do not utterly condemn the attack on democracy that took place yesterday outside of Westminster they will be seen to be complicit in what took place!

The police must also be condemned for standing by and doing nothing as the attacks took place.

Again David Cameron must demand answers from the Police Commissioner! If he doesn't then again he will be seen to condone this dereliction of duty by the Met.!

Keith Standring

David Cameron is listed as a Supporter of UAF on the following link: http://www.uaf.org.uk/aboutUAF.asp?choice=4

Ben Stevenson

I oppose the BNP because of their racist policy (only indigineous people can join the party) and their silly economics ideas (promising British ownership of the economy while promoting foreign owned websites like Twitter, Alexa, and Digg on their website).

But this kind of protest is counter productive. Listening to interviews on the news yesturday, Nick Griffin defended freedom of speech and said that the BNP was wrong, then journalists have the opportunity to ask hard questions at a press conference. In contrast, UAF defended egg throwing and the silencing of those you do not like. UAF have the incredible ability to make the BNP look like the reasonable side of the debate.


The leader of the Anti-Facist movement said;
“The BNP was able to dupe them (the voters) saying that they had an answer to people’s problems.”

Thats Exactly what Nu Labours been doing!!!

I'm NOT a BNP supporter, but what i see is typical hippocricy of the Far Left 'Anti-Facist movement', who are the renamed Anti-Nazi Leage', WHO ARE Facists themselves, who using violence to dictate who is allowed to speak & who is'nt, & who we're allowed to vote for, so long as they're flying a red flag. Arogant lot!

People vote for the BNP because they are frustrated with years of trashy, corrupt government & the political elite, who've been pre-occupied with signing away our sovriegnty, our Fishing Grounds, & collosal amounts of money to a Wastefull & Corrupt EURO STATE, & encouraging millions of migrants into this country with all the Massive Problems that creates.

Marjorie Baylis

I think the BNP are a despicable party, but I am reminded of Voltaire - 'I do not agree with what the man says, but I defend to the death the right for him to do so'.

We are a tolerant society. We listen to the drivel spouted by all politicians and many religious groups, if we stop people being allowed to air their views then we have become a very different society from what we used to be.

You don't have to listen to the BNP or any of the other extremist parties, the media doesn't have to necessarily air their views, but to shut them up in this yobbish, thuggish, ignorant way is to treat them as the Brown Shirts tried to treat their opposition in the 1930's. How ironic is that?

Peter Ahern

The protestors who broke up Nick Griffin's press conference justified their actions on the basis of attacking fascism. Sadly, the methods of these protestors, and legions of left-wing militants whose voices are very prominent in the public square in our country, are in themselves fascist. It is fascist arrogance to have confidence in one's own viewpoint to the point of assuming the right to push other views off the public stage. And it is methodologically fascist to use violence to deny a voice to a political opinion other than your own.

The BNP will have gained support from Wednesday's protest: that is certain. But in the long run, the BNP and its kind will never gain control in Britain. The far greater threat to Britain comes from the fascist bullying of the militant left, an example of which we saw in Wednesday's protest. The militant left has thrived under Labour, and infiltrated a wide range of public institutions. Let's hope an incoming Conservative administration can stop the rot.

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