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May 29, 2009



Sensible and timely policy, well presented and gives UKIP a policy distinct from other mainstream parties without having to be extreme like the BNP.It also links the policy to the root cause of the problem - THE EU!!!!

Note to Conservative Party - As with the EU you are behind the public mood on immigration.

If Labour dump Brown and Johnson takes over, your poll lead will fade. Your vote is not deep enough to rely on.


Bloody rediculous!


Is this the party where all their MEPs are under iunvestigation for fraud and money laundering?


As opposed to what ? Can you identify any party that has come out of the expenses mess with their reputation intact.

No party can lecture any other on this subject, so we'd all best stick to policies because ethical behaviour has gone out of the window for everyone.

Everyone is the glass house, so no one should throw any stones.......


In answer to the cut and paste smears-r-us merchant a.k.a BNP Troll:


ddave chandler

Didn't UKIP sack their wrongdoers right away,Not wait for them to resign at the next election so the culprits can collect over £100,000.Cameron knows this,Brown doesn't even care

Steve Tierney

I can't see how they'd put this into action by winning MEP seats, but nonetheless this is a strategically clever last-minute policy announcement. I suspect it will get them headlines and win them more votes.

Robert May

Wow - Im sure that will win them lots more votes. I have to hand it to them well done UKIP !

Has anyone seen the lastest yougov poll tonight ? UKIP in second place.

Bob Jones

It's true though. Labour's spent money, but resulted in getting less for more. Our infrastructure is rubbish, and there's too much opposition to extending anything (roads, building new prisons, etc) so we end up with more and more people using fewer and fewer services.

I don't know how realistic a total immigration freeze is, but we need to look at shrinking or stalling population growth.

On immigration, I always felt the Tories should make the point that 1.3 million migrants came when the Govt had the legal EU right, at that point, to limit immigration from the 2004 member states (and the 2007 ones, I think) and did absolutely nothing. It'd be popular, without the "shades of racism" some see when parties discuss immigration.

Ex-UKIP member

Dave Chandler - no they didnt sack them. Tom Wise MEP on trail for money laundering was a UKIP member until March 2009 - when his membership expired.

Ashley Mote - convicted benefit fraudster - membership also expired - he was never expelled.


My gut instincts and door to door canvassing input tell me that UKIP WILL come second in the EU elections. I think the latest polls have 'got it right'.
How many ConHome correspondents have noticed that the other 'so-called' Eurosceptic parties only ever attack UKIP and NOT the pro-EU consensus (Labour/Limp Dim and Conservatives). Libertas are harping on about Ashley Mote and Tom Wise who were both kicked out as UKIP MEP's (only action that could be taken) once their misdemeanours were discovered. Sir Paul Judge of 'Jury Team' was in the QT audience and, despite all the wall to wall sleaze engulfing the establishment parties decided to have a pop at Nigel Farage over Ashley Mote's benefit fraud conviction - pathetic, but revealing.
Incidentally, Libertas is NOT Eurosceptic they are PRO-EU but "in favour of reform"
It won't work but these sideshow's like Libertas, No2EU, Jury Team etc are there to try and spike the UKIP vote through out and out deceit pretending to voters that they are something they are not - pitiful.
When they count the votes on June 7th it will be very interesting.

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