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May 13, 2009


Tony Makara

Just what difference exactly would a support for UKIP make on the matter of EU membership. The UKIP party, if you can call it a party, will not be in a position to change anything.

The only body that will ever be in a position to change policy on the EU is the British parliament and a governing Conservative party.

Voting UKIP is a complete waste of time, why give your support to people who will always be powerless to change things?

Robert Eve

Voting UKIP would be a waste of time if Cameron committed to a referendum under any circumstances.

However he won't so we need to vote UKIP to show our complete contempt of his 'won't leave it there' approach.

Independence Home

UKIP cannot directly bring about Britain's exit from the EU, but votes matter and giving it a platform helps to win the argument and put pressure on MPs at Westminster.

Mr Angry

Voting UKIP at the Euros, but Conservative at the General Election, is seen by many as the best way to ensure that Cameron and his clique understand that they cannot go soft on Europe and still expect to receive everybody's votes. So, the theory goes, send a clear message at the Euros and then elect a Conservative government to follow through on a reform or withdrawal strategy.

The eurosceptics have adopted a tactic of smothering debate on Europe, under cover of "party unity", so that post GE they can then claim that there is no mandate for change and that ever closer union is the only feasible option. There are many of us who fear that this approach sits very comfortably indeed with the Cameroons and that a betrayal is on the cards.In that circumstance the vote UKIP then Conservative plan looks attractive.


The Fourth is with us!


Paul Johnston

Since its inception in 1997, UKIP (and its Referendum Party parent, has had one raison d'etre. That is to damage the Conservative Party by fragmenting the vote on the 'right' of politics. Here in Kingston and Surbiton it gave us Edward Davey (Lib Dem) as an MP in 1997 with a majority of 56. Its surge in 2004 cost us 2 MEPs in London and about 25 Labour and Lib Dem MPs in 2005 had majorities less than the UKIP vote.
This, and similar results up and down the country, is the sum total of UKIP's achievement. Its impact on matters European has been nil. Its impact on Europe's effect on Britain has also been nil. Its impact on British politics has been to strengthen Labour and the Lib Dems, the most Euro-enthusiast parties in the country.
No self-respecting Tory - or Eurosceptic - should give them the time of day!


Paul Johnston,

We in UKIP are not renegade Tories but rather we oppose the Conservative, Labour and LibDem parties equally.

We oppose them all because all three parties have virtually identical polices, not only on the EU but on the economy, on immigration (open doors), on defence (cut backs whist simultaneously sending our Armed Services to fight ill thought out and unwinnable wars) and on energy (lots of pointless ugly windmills producing little expensive power and none at all when the wind does not blow).

We are the real opposition.

Ben Stevenson

What is the point of having extra Conservative MEPs if, like most Conservative MEPs, they are not clearly Eurosceptics? Why oppose dividing the result on the right, if the result is MEPs who want ever closer political integration with the European Union?

UKIP's achievement in the European Parliament has been the same as Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer's achievement - making the occassional good speech in the European Parliament. Neither more Conservative MEPs, or more UKIP MEPs will by themselves be able to change our relationship with the EU - only Westminster MPs can do that. What is needed is a eurosceptic Conservative Government. As Mr Angry and Indenpendence Home (and Stuart Wheeler) have pointed out, a vote for UKIP will be seen by many as a message to David Cameron, the next Prime Minister, that lots of people want a more clearly Eurosceptic policy.


I want to end population replacement, to get out of the expensive, corrupt, anti-democratic EU, and to bring home our armed forces.
Now, who should I vote for? And yes, I shall vote for them!

Idris Francis

I have wanted out from the EU ever since Maastricht woke me up to what the real plan is and always was - a single, totalitarian State called Europe, run by unelected, self-selecting members of the political elite. I joined UKIP and abandoned the Tories the moment I became aware of UKIPs existence, and will never vote Tory again until they have a policy of total or effective withdrawal from the EU. The only way I can get that message across is to vote UKIP at every opportunity.

The other day a BBC poll (a BBC poll!!!!) showed that 55% of voters want out of the EU - does anyone seriously believe that the vote would have been that high if UKIP had not existed? Before 1999 the BBC would not give any airtime whatever to UKIP but since we won our first 3 MEPs they have had to accept that withdrawal is a live issue that has to be debated.

Not that Cameron and Co want to debate it - they want to smother it, and UKIP exists not to harm the Tories as some idiots believe, but to exert pressure through the ballot box to bring them to their senses - after 30 years of betrayal by Heath and Major - and to an extent even Maggie.

UKIPs message is perfectly clear - if you believe in self-government in a free and sovereign Britain, vote UKIP. If you want to live ina totalitarian, socialist come Fascist, anti-democratic, terminally corrupt (because that's what was designed to be) terminally incompetent and DOOMED totalitarian state called Europe, vote for any of the other main parties. And may you rot in Hell, or swing on a traitor's rope.

East Midlander

As an ex Tory I had my doubts about Europe following Heath,s sell out, and it continued to get worse. Cameron nailed his colours to the mast when he brought back Clarke. The Tories have only themselves to blame for losing 2.5 million voters to UKIP.

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