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May 11, 2009



I received this in my inbox today. It made me feel a little awkward/uncomfortable. In which case I guess it worked.


This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

... so it says.

Cleethorpes Rock

It won't work. The BNP will win 3 seats in June.

13th spitfire

So when are we going to have a grown up debate about the BNP and their policies?

There is an unwritten rule on internet forums; that says whoever compares a contemporary politician to either Hitler or Stalin, has lost the argument.

For you are not attacking the problem itself but rather the reflection of the problem. That will lead nowhere.

As I am sure many other have felt; this anti-BNP mumbo jumbo is quite frankly ridiculous. People are just as liable to ask "well how are the main parties any better?". The BNP are a political party and their policies are just dumb. They are so easy to beat, if someone -anyone-, with an ounce of dared to say anything about their policies instead of comparing them to the nazis then they would burn and fall.

Of course this would actually taking them on as a real political force and that would actually addressing the main reason why they are so popular:


They talk about them but no one else does. If no politician has the balls to say anything soon they might well win more than three seats and that will be very very bad indeed.


It's 2009, not 1995. We need something more recent.

Tony Makara

I find this predictable and pathetic. HopeNotHate need to understand that the BNP isn't a Nazi group, nothing about their politocal philosophy remotely resembles National Socialist or Fascist thinking.

People who oppose the BNP won't stand a chance of beating the BNP if they don't even understand what the BNP is.

A comical piece of schoolboy propaganda.


'This video has been removed due to terms of use violation'

And quite rightly so. This is drivel or would be if I could see it which is about the level that Searchlight, the originators, operate on. Don't address the issues just shout Nazi and run away.

As a Tory I am pretty damn acid reflux about the mainstream getting loved up together against the BNP when the threat to the political mainstream lies in systematic gross misconduct by the political mainstream.

Nope. I do not support the BNP.

Tony Makara

Well said Englandism, 'Searchlight' is an organ of the redfront and has often used criminal tactics to defame its political opponents.

If we are serious about having an open society, the law-abiding groups, that are democratically elected, like the BNP, should not be openly victimized by Marxists who abhor democracy.

It was pretty disgusting the way BNP members were sacked by public service bodies for simply belonging to the BNP. Still, the leftist witchhunters don't believe in democracy and freedom of opinion do they?


I ABHOR the BNP and everything they stand for. However people who seem to think democracy and and oppression go hand in hand are deluded. The BNP are a disgusting group but they are to be beaten by democracy not forced cancellation. I don't like the idea of students (who give us all a bad name) and anarchists parading the streets with Nokia mobile phones and apple laptops denouncing capitalism but I wouldn't denounce their right to protest.

Emily Sedgefield

The video is still there.

No one seems to get it do they? Do you really think that the BNP's policy on immigration is going to put people off?

Far from it, that's exactly want they to hear... and most people don't want to be in the EU either.

Labour are from another planet, they think we are all socialists and happy to share with the needy and desolate immigrants of the world.

They're so, so wrong. Most of us want those that don't belong here in the UK, OUT! We want those who have been suspected of terrorism, OUT.

We want those advocating Sharia Law and Islam, OUT.

We don't want to be taken over by muslims and Islam. We want our country back but you are giving people NO alternative to the BNP!


Emily your statements are ridiculous! "All those who don't belong here". I think you may have been watchign too much Fox news and reading too much of the Daily Mail. Yes immigration has been uncontrolled but comeon!

Tony Makara

Emily, our country certainly does have a problem with immigration. However I think we need to focus on numbers rather than issues such as ethnicity and religion. I

believe we should not only put strict quotas on immigration but also adopt a policy of repatriation for immigrants who are engaged in criminality and anti-British activities. There might also be a case for repatriating those who are unable to support themselves and their dependents.

A Conservative government has to get tough on immigration this time because those of us who are older will remember how Mrs Thatcher promised to control immigration but introduced nothing by way of concrete policies to stem the flow.

Emily Sedgefield

Stop patronising me Ad. The sooner everyone admits we have let too many people into the country, the better.

We didn't have the resources to cope with the numbers and most of our crime now comes from these people or as a result of these people.

Those that have integrated into our society agree with my viewpoint. They are being victimised because we have let any old trash in.

I don't care what you think of me, just remember, alot of people think the way I do... which is why the BNP are gaining strength. Ignore them at your peril.

Tony Makara I agree with you. When I say those that don't belong here, I mean illegal immigrants, criminals and those who simply don't really want to integrate and expect us to change our lifestyles and customs to suit them or their religions.

Andrew Boff

"There is an unwritten rule on internet forums; that says whoever compares a contemporary politician to either Hitler or Stalin, has lost the argument. "

"They are being victimised because we have let any old trash in."

People who are trash? I think the comparison kind of works.

Hugh Oxford

Unfortunately people tend to vote for the people they least dislike, rather than the ones they actually like.


Please, do we want a policy that discrimnates against people who are not white.
I have a friend who has a chinese background, but no one could be more British.

Lets get really real about this, do we want a country which has no incommers at all. anglo saxon or nothing?.

Please tell me no.

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Democracy is a political form of government where governing power is derived from the people, either by direct referendum (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people (representative democracy).

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it think everyone should have a personal opinion and should raise it...whenever they feel it...

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