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April 27, 2009


Yet Another Anon

I find it hard to see how Winston Churchill could have made statements on the EU, perhaps he commented on the original Treaty of Rome? He suggested a United States of Europe in 1946, although somehow I don't think he envisaged that there would be anything like the EEC or EU, and it was before the creation of NATO, he was worried about the Soviet threat and NATO solved that problem.

Europhiles though frequently refer to Churchill's suggestion of a USE as being some kind of endorsement of the EU, the truth is that it certainly wasn't.

I rather imagine that he would have opposed EU membership and would lament the way that a Liberal elite are taking over Europe, spreading Political Correctness and letting law and order fall apart, and not taking proper action against evil regimes around the world.

At the time in 1946 when Churchill suggested a USE, it was in a situation in which many European countries had a history of strong defence and of small government.

So while I will be voting UKIP in the European Elections, I have to say that perhaps have got the presentation a bit wrong in their campaign launch.

Henry Mayhew - ukipper

Nicholas Soames has been affronting people rather longer than UKIP.

Tom FD

I have a lot of sympathy for someone who lost their job because of Neil Kinnock. But I shan't be voting for her.

Phil C

I would love to vote for Marta Andreason, and if we had any sort of alternative vote system rather than the closed lists, she would get a personal vote from me. But to get her in I'd have to vote for a UKIP list with Farage at the top, rather than a Tory one with Hannan. Which I really don't want to do.

Rod Sellers

The stench from Brussels grows ever stronger. Churchill was a principled patriot and would surely have recoiled from the corrupt shambles that is now the EU. Who is going to get us out of its clutches - that is the only question. I would have hoped it was the Conservative Party but if they are not up to it - give UKIP a chance.


Who know what WSC would think, were he alive in the very different circumstances of today? He was certainly a great man and a British patriot (why is it un-PC to be patriotic now?) and, as are most great men, he was flawed in some ways.

Nicolas Soames is WSC’s grandson the son of Mary Soames (nee Churchill) I think, unless I’ve lost a generation somewhere! That does not give him exclusive rights to reference to one of our greatest national heroes. By kicking up a fuss, Mr Soames has given additional publicity to UKIP and so, although I’m really quite happy with UKIP invoking WSC for this campaign, as a kipper, I suppose I should be pleased.

michael mcgough

"Nicholas Soames has been affronting people rather longer than UKIP."

The wardrobe key effect I am led to believe.


I just object to Nicholas Soames......

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

That's rather a small effect I believe David, but accurate of you to mention it. Thanks.

Dual Voter

I'll be voting for Marta and Nigel because Cameron can always find Dan a job at Westminster where he will do an even better job.

Ray Finch

Phil C.

Sadly all the ones on the Tory list outside DH are EUphiles. The tories need 8% of the vote to get DH in. Better vote UKIP and get more secessionists elected.

Adam Corres

Winston Churchill opposed Britain being ruled by the European dictatorship of his era. The European Commission is an unelected foreign government that rules other people's countries remotely, by dictat. Why does Nicholas Soames believe Churchill would change sides now?

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