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February 14, 2009


Henry Mayhew - ukipper

Wonderful video.

Just imagine a similar vid featuring Mr Cameron or Mr Osborne's positions on free speech.

Michael Heaver

UKIP are the only anti-EU party.

UKIP are the only party who now believe in grammar schools.

UKIP are the only party that will stand up and defend freedom of speech no matter how unfashionable it may seem.

That is why I support this party.

David Parker

It is seriously worrying that influencial left wing speakers, such as Livingstone and Miliband, both admitted that they would ban Wilders without having themselves seen the film, which they could easily have done had they wished.

Whilst, doubtless, they were bombarded with limitless biased hearsay evidence, much of it distorted, only by viewing the film could they have formed a true personal impression of its accuracy, its intention and its likely effect, which would have given some semblance of credence to their comments.

From Miliband, at least, were are entitled to expect a degree of impartial judgement and a considered, measured and careful response, perhaps less so from Livingstone.
But the sad fact is that both of them embraced the knee jerk reactions of political correctness and bigotry.

Neil Turner

What a brilliant video !

As a lifelong Tory voter, 49 years old, I think I will be supporting UKIP in the summer

Thomas Day

I'll be voting UKIP come June thanks.

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What limits on freedom are essential to maintaining life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
A lot of people seem to think that limits on freedom is repressive. However, yelling that there is a fire in a theater when there is not a fire is a valid limit on the freedom of speech. What other limits do you think are essential?

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How many Democrats will stand up for freedom of speech when they try to enact the 'Fairness Doctrine"?
How many will stand of for our right to freedom of speech even though the views talk radio voices are not yours. Isn't freedom of speech more important than quieting the opposition?
Even Clinton was talking about it yesterday, saying it was a good idea.

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