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January 31, 2009


Tony Makara

UKIP has a problem, it claims to be a patriotic party, however it is also a party totally dedicated to the ideology of unfettered free-trade.

These two positions are completely contradictory. UKIP cannot be a party that promises to put Britain first and at the same time is happy to sit back and allow sweatshop labour to destroy jobs in the UK, all in the name of free-trade ideology.

The fact that UKIP policy is so unbalanced speaks volumes about its strategists and their political naivitae.

Sally Roberts

What a super idea - let's create more bureaucracy by forcing all workers to have work permits to be employed here! The European Single Market means that not only can workers come here - but WE can go to other EU countries to work! Suppose you wanted to live in South East England and have a job in Paris or Lille? At the moment it's easy....

Common Sense

I don't believe it: UKIP actually want to stop Italian, Polish and Greek workers having the automatic right to take British jobs.

That's going to make UKIP really unpopular with British voters. Let's hope the Conservative Party stands firm for the right of workers from all over Europe to come to Britain and take ever more scarce jobs.

ex-UKIP member

So it is OK for UKIP MEPs to import Polish workers to carry out building work on their mansions?


Pat Guide

To Sally

You seem to want your bread buttered on both sides.

I bet you are also one of those new Tory eco warriors happy to spout rubbish like Vote Blue and Go Green.

When its your job on the line. You might reconsider your position.

I've lost a good business because of Gordon Brown and I've heard nothing from Cameron that inspires me that he would be any better.

John Moss

Free markets mean free movement of goods, services and people.

If the company that won the bid to do the work already had an emplyed workforce, or had bid on the basis that it could secure the labour it needed at a chepaer rate in this way, then that is their perogative.

We should not restrict this in private contracts.

However, in public procurement, it is entirely legal to specifiy local labour conditions and that is OK, but we need to be prepared, if necessary, to pay the price of that in higher costs.

John Coles

On ConservativeHome, Sally Roberts was quick enough to defend her interests by, rather hysterically, spotting anti-semitism abounding in our society. However, when it comes to the interest of the British working class, with her trademark spattering of exclamation marks, she affects a sneering metropolitan disdain and lauds benefits only of remote interest to a miniscule part of the middle class.
What utter hypocrisy.
As to Tony Makara's observation that UKIP's belief in free trade requires acceptance of the unrestricted movement of labour, that is utter tosh. UKIP believes in free trade and, quite reasonably and rationally, limits on entry into this country, just as the Conservatives once did.

BNP watch

Yet another post by the anti-UKIP troll. I believe that the poster is referring to Roger Knapman.

Knapman could face prosecution, along with other ex-Tory stooges such as Piers Merchant and Sir Dick Body, for breach of the Data Protection Act. They recently connived with a BNP donor to use a stolen party membership list to send out a letter full of lies to UKIP members. The plod will be knocking on their doors soon!


Shame. I was probably going to vote for them at the Euro Elections as voting UKIP is a nice way of sending out a message that I'm not happy with the direction the EU is taking. Now if I vote for them I'll be sending out a message that I'm in favour of protectionism.

One benefit of this move might be that UKIP end up taking more votes away from Labour than the Tories.

John Turner

I see the UKIP trolls are out in force.

anti-ex ukip member

BNP watch;you are correct about Roger Knapman and the jobs for Poles.He is the Cornerstone of Tory sleepers trying to undermine the leadership by aligning with the BNP activated sleepers.Perhaps he's seeking a peerage.Remember remember Maastricht!


I never heard a murmur from the thousands of British Workers working in Germany, Spain, Italy and especially the Gulf States!

Isn't it strange that we want the market forces in our favour whichway ever we face!
Hypocritical, devious. No wonder we are the sick case of europe.

The Unions, who have pushed for greater European involvement, now want the rights of all europeans to be restricted. We can work wherever, Nobody can work here.

UKIP are as bad as the BNP.

Just ask yourself two questions.

1.Just what have Ukip achieved in the EU?

2.Just what is the use of these devious malcontents?

They have handed the BNP a massive electoral confidence boost. Are they linked behind the scenes? Somehow I suspect they must be.

John Turner

strapworld the UKIP trolls will accuse you of being a BNP troll!


actually, John, I am neither, I was in ukip for a short time, found them to be totally without principle. I know of many people who would vote for the BNP but I wouldn't.

But without any of the three parties saying nothing different on the EU something has to give!

Without any of the main parties speaking for the English! something will give!

John Coles

If you have something worthwhile to say on this important problem of labour movement, John Turner, then perhaps you should say it. But I somehow doubt it, your mindless references to UKIP trolls seems to be your limit.

John Turner

John Coles - would that be the same John Coles - UKIP activist and former parliamentary candidate for UKIP?

John Coles

For the record, John Turner, no. I have never stood for any party.
And might you be John Turner the Vacuous, renown for having nothing of value to say and, consequently, a shoo-in for any Conservative parliamentary candidate vacancy?

John Turner

Mr Coles you appear to have spent the past three years either posting comments on various blogs and newspaper websites sites saying how disgusted you are with the Tories and how you are going to join UKIP or praising Nigel Farage or ukip policies.

Stange how abusive you get when you are rumbled as a UKIP troll and astro turfer.

John Coles

Mr Turner.
That is an out and out lie.
I have never threatened to join UKIP and I have never used any Blogs to praise either Nigel Farage or UKIP policies. I do not recall ever using any newspaper Websites for pro-UKIP comment.
I don't know who you are confusing me with and heaven knows what an "astro-turfer" is but I ask you to reconsider your utterly mendacious comments and withdraw them or stand accused as a liar.

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