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July 11, 2008



Well done Farage and UKIP.
Those who have hidden beneath the "Eurosceptic" flag need to come out from under its shelter and openly declare themselves as being "Anti European Unionists" which they are.I,myself am an AEU and a Conservative Member,there,that,s better and it didn't hurt a bit either.



The trouble is that most Tory MEPS, with two honourable exceptions, have "gone native".

So I hope it will not hurt you at all to lend UKIP your vote in the EU Parliament elections in June next year.

Furthermore, I suspect that, if you look at UKIP’s policies here:


You may find that they are attractive to a wide range of people, from traditional Tories to moderate socialists.

Whereas, just now, the Tory party does not seem to have policies, just themes”.


Farage in excellent form. He must be one of the top five orators in Britain today.

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