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May 12, 2008



I wonder if the English Democrats are being ironic by choosing The Proclaimers' Cap in Hand (written as part of their support for the SNP) over that video?

Sally Roberts

Barking...but very entertaining!

Simon Newman



It ends with "for their sakes" and shows some chav kids sat on a pavement?

That's the maddest thing I have ever watched. Yet so funny!

grumpy old man

Don't laugh too much. This was made by a populist genius. In 10 years time, they might just be dangerous.

Yet Another Anon

1,500 years of Democracy eh? King Alfred was a fine man, but the head of a democracy - I don't think so somehow.

Edward Longshanks, head of a democracy? He and Saddam Hussein had a lot in common with the only difference being that there was no superpower to stop him. He killed anyone who stood in his way or questioned his authority to the least extent. He annexed Wales. He was a Frenchman too who came over and subjugated Britain for the Normans - very democratic?

Indeed without Longshanks quite possibly there wouldn't be a West Lothian question to pose in the first place.

Rod Sellers

Bloody good I thought, apart from the music track.

Silent Hunter

I thought the music was the best bit!

Do you think the irony of playing a Scottish bands music over an 'English' PPB was lost on them?

Derek Tomnay

This a proclaimers song sung by them in support of the SNP!


Scottish band, very good.
I hope you are all proud of youselves. I love Scotland and hope that it will be part of the UK forever, just like Wales and NI

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