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May 10, 2013


john parkes

.....and such a surprise to hear that Cameron`s projected trip to China is off but Johnson, miraculously seems now to be planning a trip to that country "...to promote Trade..." or Boris Johnson, whichever seems the more important. You can`t say his ambition lacks transparency!


The MoL is cheerleading for a piece of infrastructure that the rest of the country would help to pay for but would directly benefit London.

He's only doing his job - plus of course BJ probably doesn't mind chipping a little at Ol' Cast Iron over China and how important trade is.....


Heathrow should be renamed Thatcher International Airport

Cheaper and more environmental to expand Heathrow with one more terminal and two runways than build a new airport.

Bill Bailey

The question Boris never answers is what happens to Heathrow if the main airport moves at least 50 miles east. What happens to the workers, industry supporting Heathrow etc etc? Answers, please, Boris.


Heathrow is West of London and nearer to Central England and the transportation routes North, West and South.

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