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August 09, 2012


Frankland Macdonald Wood

Where do you dredge these people up from. Get a sense of proportion. We ran an event. No one in the world is thinking differently except in your feavered imagination.

Dave Hollins MBA

Oh get over yourself - next week, the main TV shows on the commercial channels will be X Factor and Celeb Big Brother. The facilities are very nice, albeit mostly built by foreign labour, and the overall economic effect has been marginally negative.

Malcolm Shykles

Maybe we British see ourselves in a new light previously dampened by New Labour and by some Conservatives sucking up to the Great Satan (also known as the USA).

Paul Harris

He’s got a point though. We did trash the French. I bet they’ll love us now. Not only did we trash them here, but we did it with their bicycle race that they are so fond of as well.

Paul Bertram

Shame the Conservative Party has so messed up the economy and most other things they have touched over the last two years. The longest recession in 100 years is not exactly evidence for a Can Do nation. And I suppose if you believe in slavery IDS's policies are enforced can do for rich multinationals to exploit our young at no cost to themselves. If Can-Do is reducing the numbers going to our universities that is pretty Can Do. If messing up the NHS is Can Do Lansley's changes is pretty Can Do nonsense. If not being able to introduce HS2 and a third runway these are pretty Can Do don't do's. Can Do this government tell us where? The Olympics is largely a product of a rival political party. But the reality will dawn. The rest of the world will see Britain over the last two years is a failed nation thanks to......

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