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August 08, 2012



Why mention the zip wire?

Edward Huxley

His picture is on the front of Private Eye with the caption It`s not my first embarrassing moment with a zip, eh ladies

john parkes

Redmayne77 beat me to it. I also wondered why it was necessary to implicate the zip. At least a zip fulfils a useful purpose

Leonard Griff

The whole Conservative Party are prats on a metaphorical zip wire. In 2015
the nation will zip them up and throw them on the scrap heap of history where
they belong.


At last Boris Johnson has said something I agree with.

jenny barnes

Oh, isn't Boris lovable? Everyone come and look at Boris saying he's been silly! Awww, what a sweetie.

Harry Hill

Prat on a zip wire? Just a prat will do.


Sorry but I think Boris has a better sense of humour than most posters here :p

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