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August 20, 2012



Sick. Glad to be leaving this country.


This must prove that Boris may sometimes make more "conservative" noises, he's just as much a non-conservative metro-lib as Mr Cameron. (Probably not just on this issue: on the EU, would he hold an in/out referendum and campaign for 'out'?) I agree with others who say that those on the "Right" who place their hope in him will end up disappointed. The next leader probably needs to be someone not in one of the cabinet 'top jobs' and thus not too tainted by association with Mr Cameron's anti-Conservative circle (which includes Boris).

Cleethorpes Rock

Well done Boris!

By the time we come to vote Boris our glorious leader, marriage equality will be such an unremarkable fact of life that no-one will give a monkeys about this video anyway.


I know you are bit of a clown but backing this might well see a decline in your popularity. If you are indeed a clever Politician, it is a surprise that you wouldn't have given this subject a wide birth. It does not have popular acclaim so you are a fool in attempting to give it credence whatever your persuasions.


if gay people want to get married they should be allowed to.

but if a vicar doesnt believe in gay marriage, he shouldnt be punished for refusing to carry out the service.

luke - how is doing the right thing mind boggling?


Chances are that anyone against gay marriage does not have any homosexual friends or colleagues, so the likelihood of anyone against the concept ever being affected by this is slim to none.

I mean, it's literally impossible for someone to be against this concept and be friendly with gay people, as if you ever made your views known, your friendship would likely be over. So logically, you shouldn't really care less what other people get up to, really.

Gerry Freedman

Gay marriage is going to happen, and soon.

Anyone opposed to it: here is my advice, either vote for the BNP, the only place you can vote if you hate homosexuals, and want to deny them the ability to get married to someone they love, or shut up and get over it, or move to Saudi Arabia or any other repressive and illiberal nation you care to pick.

And the reason its being implemented is that its a) the right thing to do, b) the VAST majority of sane people who are not loony right wingers or bible bashing lunatics, are ok with it, and c) the Tory Party doesn't look like a band, of odd, reclusive, reactionary, old fogies, who dislike, blacks, gays, single mothers, the modern era, or anyone other than their own bigoted, uneducated, prejudicial, moronic self s! On this issue Boris (who if elected leader will bring me back to the party I was a member of for 20 years) is right as he is one so many other issues, and David Cameron should be given credit for sticking his neck out to do the right thing, and having to deal with all you fruit cakes threatening to leave the party.

You do know that will make him even happier as he's been trying to get rid of you all for years! LOL

David Blunt

Marriage was instituted by God between a man and a woman and this defines marriage. If the present governments at Westminster and/or Holyrood change the law to allow so-called 'same-sex marriage' then they will be guilty of a great sin which will bring further divine judgment upon our land. Homosexual unions are not based upon love but upon what the Bible terms "vile affections" – unnatural lusts which God punishes in the individuals who practise them (Romans 1:26,27). We have all sinned yet God in His love grants a full forgiveness through Jesus Christ to every sinner who truly repents, whether they be homosexual or heterosexual and whatever their sins may be.

Adult Toys

Asking questions are truly good thing if you are not understanding something entirely, but this paragraph offers pleasant understanding even.

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