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August 01, 2012


Reality 37

More Tory incompetence? Does it never end? And on the day Benedict Brogan in DT tells us Murdoch wants Boris to be PM. What an omen!!! Touch Murdoch and die Boris.

Jimminy Wicket

Breaking news "Boris caught in zip"..and probably not for the first time!!

john parkes

Number 10 at work here, do you think?

Public Sector Worker

I think the important thing is he appeared to take it in good spirits.


Johnson is in great danger of overdoing it IMO. and becoming a figure of fun - not in a nice way!

Public Sector Worker

Bit late for late, where've you been over the last decade?


This was quite funny though it looked staged to me. It would actually be cheaper to get a stand up comedian to entertain people than Boris who inflicts penal taxes on Londoners to keep himself and hordes of jobsworths in luxury (TFL bureaucrat on £857,000 etc). We have to suffer a 25% increase in the congestion charge, his crackpot LEZ which is putting small businesses under then there are the obscene amounts spent on those stupid hire bikes, fines for everything, the list is endless. That is too much to pay for the odd laugh.

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