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August 03, 2012


ross j warrren

And some folk are seriously suggesting that Boris would make a good party leader and PM.

john parkes

Lembit Opik went back to appearing on `Have I Got News for You` after his political career went down the plug. Boris has already booked a place there I don`t doubt. He might make a good music hall turn and I don`t doubt he has a brain too, but he`s only really a candidate for those who use the word `charisma` a lot and think it is a good replacement for governmental ability. They would rather treat national politics as a joke so he`s clearly their man.

John Bracewell

Boris is obviously clever, he cannot do worse than the present lot who have no discernable governmental ability and the Happiness Factor would be high too. He might even listen to what the people want instead of governing by Opinion Poll and giving in to Lobby groups like Trades Unions.


John Parkes - Churchill had charisma, Macmillan had charisma, Wilson had charisma, Thatcher had charisma, Blair had charisma to dismiss it as of no consequence is ridiculous! Of course it does not guarantee success and some successful PMs eg Attlee were not charismatic but it is clearly of significance!

John Bracewell - As opinion polls record the public's views you can hardly say taking note of what they say is not listening to what people want.

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