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June 07, 2012


Sally Roberts

"and how long have you been cutting your own hair"?

A "low blow indeed"! Three Cheers for Sir Boris of The Moppy Head!


Boris Johnson would make a rather dashing Olive.....!
Shaken but not stirred.


Being pm is the way he'll get boris island. Your mayor of London not Kent. Any one notice how London has now crept out to the m25 motorway.

Dave Guile

Sally, you are hilarious! Why does he have those chunks of hair on his head?!
Anyways, Boris is rather doing a good job for now but I can tell that he is an ambitious person...based on the direction of his hair.

Mark Zuckerman

He should use olive oil to lather his hair.
London is a wonderful city as it is and he should never change it one bit.

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