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May 05, 2012



Boris won despite being a tory not because he is a tory. Tories should be weary of taking false comfort in his victory - and it was most certainly his victory not his parties.


It's Captain Mainwaring and Sgt. Wilson. One actually is a dithering pompous incompetent and the other merely chooses to appear so.


Boris Johnson won despite David Cameron.
It was disingenuous of Cameron to claim involvement in the victory - he did everything possible in the weeks leading up to the election to lose the local elections and the London mayoral election.

johnny come lately

Instead of the photograph why could you not have used today's excellent Telegraph cartoon. That sums up the situation superbly.

It is time the conservative backbenches realise the truth CAMERON IS A LOSER and take him out of his and the party's misery. Time for a new leader.

christina Speight

All the voters I spoke to, I urged them to vote for Boris for what he'd done for London (enormous benefits) When they said "But I'm off the Conservatives - I merely said "This is Boris versus Livingstone for London. That's what you're voting for" and you see that that the message was getting through.

Denis Cooper

Can anyone explain why some people were allowed two votes in this election?

I'm sure I read somewhere that departing from the sacred principle of "one man one vote" would destroy our democracy, and moreover babies would die.

Oh yes, here it is:


"Our current tried and tested voting system gives everyone one vote and delivers clear outcomes. The Alternative Vote is a complicated, expensive and unfair system that gives some people more votes than others."

"Defend one person, one vote."

(That's what I meant, of course; not "one man one vote" but "one person".)

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