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May 01, 2012



Lovely bias from the BBC there. Conservative led government, no coalition goverment BBC disgust me.


Yes, David, I'm sure the Lib Dems are furious wih the BBC for referring to the 'Conservative led government' rather than as 'the coalition government'.


Vote Boris for a different sort of Conservative.

The official Conservative candidate promised that, if elected, he would not duck a fight with the Chancellor, George Osborne, and would argue for more state money for Londoners.

Mr Johnson’s remarks will be seen as an attempt to position himself as a separate brand from the Tories, as polling consistently shows his own personal popularity ratings to be far ahead of his party’s.

Not to be confused with with the Cameron Conservatives, no no no a different brand all together.

Wapping boy

I read today that the amount of tax that Ken has avoided paying will itself cover the cost of his promised fare reductions? Is that right?

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