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April 10, 2012


Sue Johnson-Smith

Did Boris get a 10year old to make that film? Is he serious about winning?

Steve Tierney

I liked it a lot.

Steve Green

YouGov/The Sun results 10th April CON 36%, LAB 40%, LD 9% UKIP 6% - Maybe UKIP will shut up for a while?

christina Speight

Boris is the best thing that's happened to London since before the LCC and whatever is happening in national politics Boris stands apart as a great Mayor. Here in London you can talk politics with other Tories but as soon as the subject of London and Boris comes up a refreshing blast of enthusiasm comes across.

BTW Steve above the latest LONDON figures put Boris 4% ahead - all to play for!


You would have to be a raving idiot to vote for that Marxist tax-fiddling creep Ken Livingstone

Clr Ralph Baldwin

Yep, you got it, the narrative was right, got the humility right, got the drive right, nice smoldering passion as an undercurrent. Boris and Team, well done.

Colin Hall

Speaking as someone who watches London politics with interest (I was born and raised in SW1, but can no longer afford to live there) I find Boris brings a great lift to us up here in sunny Norfolk. I have traveled to Japan, France and Italy within the past 12 months and, without exception, all I have spoken to about the 2012 games have heralded Boris as a genius ! I think they believe his 'persona' to be a wonderfully elaborate act of British-ness.

Good on you Boris, you have the backing of us expat Norfolk Numpties.


Boris or Creepy Ken? It's a no brainer!

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