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April 29, 2012



I really am sick of the character attacks. Wish both sides would leave it out - but it seems to be coming from Boris' side far more lately.

Debate policy, not personality, for gods sake.

Tim Montgomerie

Sense of humour failure Harry?


But Harry is a Labour supporter as he tells us.

There is a lot to attack in Ken's past administrations. Lots. As well as his anti-Semitism and his friendship with some of the world's most unsavoury and undemocratic politicians.

Sally Roberts

Great video! Hope it concentrates the voters' minds!!


The video itself is fairly funny. It's just the combined effects of things like this turning the London Mayoral election into a farce.

We have a genuinely left-wing Labour candidate, and a genuinely conservative Conservative candidate. It could have bucked the trend for boring centrist battles and become a real battle of ideologies - instead it turned into a personality contest.


Where was the character attack? It seemed to refer to actions Livingstone took as Mayor, or is alleged to have taken. That is not an attack on his character it is an attack on his administration and what politics is about. "Same old Ken" is no more a character sttack than "same old Tories" although for offices like Mayor, where powers are vested in a single individual, character is also a legitimate issue. That is why elected Mayors are a really bad idea.


I'd say calling him hypocritical, a liar, ineffective, a loony and corrupt would classify as a character attack. Maybe I'm just thin-skinned like that.

Agreed on elected mayors being a bad thing - further Americanisation of the UK.

Then again, with what the Conservative party is doing to the NHS, I guess they like Americanisation...


So pathetic it manages to be unintentionally funny.

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