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August 09, 2011



Looks like he will be out of office soon enough. Ken must be happy.

I Albion

No sound!!!!!!!!

Ultimo Tiger

I saw shots of riot police standing by doing nothing.

How is Boris to blame for their dereliction of duty?


He was heckled to start with... but when he grabbed the broom he turned it around and they were soon cheering for him.

That clip seems to be lesser shown :(


Exactly. I thought he handled a fairly noisy and boisterous street meeting quite well. There seems to be some quite partisan editing going on here.


Boris Johnson has shown he is out of his depth in dealing with major issues.
He is in charge of a flawed London police force and does not know what to do.


I couldn't help notice that TM's bodyguards were terribly twitchy. It's worrying me - all we now need is AlQ taking advantage of our weakness.


Isn't it strange how things work out, when ever a government threatens to cut a service, (think John Nott Royal Navy 1981, Falklands!) something happens to make it politically impossible to cut that service, be a bit difficult for the Coalition to cut the police and fire service now: do you think its God?

Ross J Warren

Green Broom, the polluter pays!

de fumo in flammam

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

"They will face punishment ttthat they will bitterly regret" -- that strikes me as highly improbable. Who ever gets a punishment they will bitterly regret any more?


Why do reporters continue to refer to Clapham Junction as "Clapham"? As any local knows, Clapham Junction is in Battersea. Nor is Llandudno Junction in Llandudno.


To show the Government are serious Water cannons and rubber bullets should be permitted.If the Party dont win this street fight the prospect of a Tory Victory in the future will disappear.
Heath and Callaghan both lost the streets fights in there term and then lost the PM job.


He is an idiot. He cannot speak to the people of London because he does not understand the people of London because he has nothing in common with the people of London.

The Police shoot a man dead in Tottenham. Not enough for him to come home. A massive riot hits Tottenham. Not enough for him to come home. A second day and night of rioting smashes up north London. Not enough for him to come home. Tension builds throughout Monday and turns into rioting. Not enough for him to come home. The Home Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister and finally Prime Minister get hauled back and suddenly Boris (or probably more accurately, Boris's aides) realise that something is happening in London and get his ass on a plane.

Despite having had FOUR DAYS days to think of what he was going to say to London when he finally got to meet real people (for a photo op), he comes out with this garbage. He is reduced to being led away in 2 minutes 30 seconds - he lasted less time than it takes to boil an egg. He blusters and bumbles his way through this, never finishing a sentence, never providing a full idea. He then walks away from those people - the height of rudeness and ignorance. They were only asking him the questions we all wanted to know and he, as our Mayor is supposed to be able to answer. At least Teresa May had the sense to keep her mouth shut - she knew she didn't have any answers to the important questions. She is equally as hopeless and should resign.

As for the cheering / broom waving thing. I haven't seen any eveidence he actually cleared anything up, so effectively it is BoJo The Clown waving a broom and mugging at the cameras. A photo op fit for a plonker.

Boris doesn't care about Tottenham - no-one there voted for him, he couldn't even find it with a sat-nav. He went to Clapham because it's more 'his' part of London, people may vote Tory. Unfortunately he found that he is desperately out of touch with Londoners there too, mwhatever their political persuasion. He's lost the plot anbd he's lost the election. His 'Katrina' moment. People who voted for him and liked his irreverance now realise that it actually takes a brain and some London knowledge to run this city, not just a few quotes in Latin and the inability to connect with non-millionaires.

Compare with this at an equally distressing time for London. No notes here either, and certainly no hanging about at the bar in the hotel either...


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