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June 02, 2011



Somehow I think that the Mayor of London will be present at many Olympic events in 2012. Why was Boris making a private application for tickets? Does he think that he won't be Mayor by the time the Games come round?


Because Boris wants to watch certain events, rather than just attend the opening and closing ceremonies as Mayor. RDJ just doesn't understand that some guys like watching their favourite sport.


What a farce! Fancy having a lottery for tickets, why not adopt the same more sensible approach used by other nations and significantly Germany. First come first served from the web or ticket agency and pick your seat vacancies permitting. Lord Coe who supports the lottery still should wake up and smell the coffee.

Edward Huxley

He wouldn`t say how many he had applied for. Last night on TV there was an item about a chap who had applied for £45,000 worth,can`t remember exactly, but I think he got £9,000 worth.

Article today in Telegraph Sport. Apparently the government are applying for 9,000 tickets outside the ballot, including 3,000 for civil servants and officials. The rest are to be given to dignitaries and guests.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I am sure that if the Mayor of London, who I hope will still be Boris, wishes to attend any of the events he will be able to as a VIP and this is right and proper.


Why is Boris going on about this when everyone knows he can go to any event he likes?


If course the EU has insisted that people in 'Europe' can buy tickets in the ordinary way, so the British people have been done down and conned as usual.

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