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May 28, 2011


13th spitfire

That looks bloody amazing.

michael mcgough

I agree,superb.There's a good mock up in the LT Museum if anybody is interested.
Pity the tube is so poor though,with breakdowns adding to the chaos of engineering works today

Edward Huxley

Looks great. Designed here, and I hope it will be built here. Much better than those ghastly bendy things.


It looks like any old German bus to me.

David J

A good traditional looking London bus with modern technology.

David Evershed

Anything is better than the road clogging bendy buses.


Why go to the enormous cost in these difficult economic times to design a new bus? There are plenty of buses off the shelf that will do the job just as well. Merely need some red paint.

Sandy Jamieson

looks more like and early Leyland Atlantean/Daimer Fleetline with MCW or Alexander bodywork with a rear open staiorcase added on as an afterthought.


When Boris said he would bring back the Routemaster everybody I know thought it would be the original design - traditional red London bus.
The new design is rubbish with too much glass and not in keeping with London architecture.
Based on this Ken Livingston could get the job next year.


One of the reasons for scrapping bendy buses was the fare dodging. With this new bus having 3 doors will there be conductors to prevent free-riders? If so, how will this be paid for? This whole business seems like another vanity project.

Irwin Armstrong

Built and designed in Northern Ireland, looks fantastic and has amazing technology

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