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January 18, 2011


Mr Angry

He's wrong and so are the government. What is needed is a third, maybe even fourth, runway at Heathrow and eventually that is what will happen in spite of the rich nimbys of south west London and the fake greens trying to cover their anti capitalist agenda with greenwash on this issue.

True Blue

He is right. on a hot summer night life can be hell in London if you live under the flight path. One flight per minute landing upto and past 11pm almost every night.
London properties existed before any airport was ever built. This is not nimbi-ism.
There is no space for a world class airport at Heathrow. It is time we built a new airport. The UK taxpayer does not need to pay a penny towards it. The new world airlines would be extremely eagre to build a new world class airport where they can be allocated proper slots. Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Air.... Major development companies such as Imar can also fund. They built cities in the sea in Dubai, they can build an airport in an estuary.

Steve Tierney

If we need another airport - we should do it somewhere other than London. Just how big and busy do you want London to get before enough is enough? There is a limit to growth if you wish to maintain standards of living. We have plenty of space elsewhere.


Mr Angry is right that we just need a bigger Heathrow, but it's good that Boris Island is back on the agenda as it reminds everyone of the need for more capacity.


Heathrow is an awful airport. Starting again in the East, then scaling LHR down would be a good move.

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