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December 06, 2010


Anthony Scholefield

Following Dave's example.Leaving government to others ,while he gets on the job as football columnist

Peter Kirby

What was he doing offering free accommodation to FIFA (or anyone else for that matter) paid for by taxpayers? Or was he doing it from his private income? And it would be nice to see who else the taxpayer is paying for. Come on Boris - publish the list.

Elaine Turner

With all the kick-backs and corruption within FIFA, I would have thought the Blatter entourage could afford to pay their own way. Anyway, whilst he might have had a aright to be in SA for the footy, he doesn't have the same right to attend the Olympics in such luxury. I am with Peter Kirby on this... how many other people are staying at swanky hotels, which will already be charging a premium over the Olympics, at our expense? If they have some strong Olympic connection, there might be an excuse - but not for posh chaps and chappesses not connected.

Well done Boris, let this be the first of many refusals! We, the British taxpayers are suffering hard times.

Andrew Smith

Was this really as a result of advice from lawyers that such an offer could be an offence under the Bribery Act or many other older legislation and common law offences?

How is it commercial firms are being advised to spend £lots on anti-bribery policies and monitoring when the GLA and Mayor can, apparently, offer inducements to the FIFA. The PM, royalty and a retired footballer can rub shoulders with known and suspected bribe takers and do nothing.

Rum thing this!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Like others I do not think this hospitality should have been offered anyway, especially in this time of cutbacks and austerity. However I can fully understand why Boris has done this and, although I personally could not care less who hosts the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, I commend him for cancelling this junket for FIFA. If the Footballing Establishment feel that FIFA should be so accomodated at the 2012 Olympics then let them pay for it. I am sure that some of the big and rich clubs such as Man Utd could foot the bill.

England's green and pleasant

This would be very easy to paint as a bribe, now being withdrawn because England has not got the World Cup. I'm sure that't not what Boris intended but that is how it's going to look to some.

Victor Southern

Good for Boris. Too many truffles in the FIFA trough already.

I wonder if those arrangements were made by the Livingstone clique?

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