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October 29, 2010



Boris Johnson thinks he is Prime Minister material. He does not deserve to be re-elected as Mayor of London.
Time for the idiot to step down


There's been a lot of willful misunderstanding of what Boris said.

He he will make sure there isn't the clensing as others have suggested their might be. This is not saying he thinks the government are going to do this, just that he'll make doubly sure they don't.

Leftie media picks it up as him being critical of gov't and everyone falls in line with them.

Although I think he might of done it on purpose so he gets the poor people vote in 2012

Dual Citizen

I don't doubt that Boris was meaning well. I listened to his 2 minute answer, and for 1min46secs he was fine and compassionate. But to then mention Kosovo and ethnic cleansing - especially after Polly, Bryant and Cruddas - was utterly stupid. And as a senior politician he should know better.

Conservative Homer

I wouldnt mind having my rent to be paid upto £20k a year.

If this is his interpretation of Kosovo-style cleansing I think there will be a line of people outside the London assembly asking to be cleansed.

Phil Greatorex

Good to hear some sense. Well said, Boris

Winston Smith

I use to like Boris but he's lost it recently, and is clearly spending too much time with leftie toffs. He's lost my vote.


Boris is right!

What common sense. It's just a shame he's not PM.

London rents are prohibitively expensive and it would be inhuman to push the disabled, poor, elderly and those on a low income out of the city because housing would be far too expensive. If that were to happen, it would be social engineering on a unprecented scale since Germany in the 1930's.

London would also lose more nurses, ambulance drivers, junior doctors, etc. It's already happening, it will just accelerate the process.

Just imagine if all those with offshore bank accounts had to travel outside major cities for good medical treatment, because they want to make the least well off pay... and also because of their lack of foresight?

Martin Day

Will David Cameron kindly stop "grinning" ?

Mr Miliband's pledge came as rebellion broke out in the ConDem ranks yesterday over David Cameron's grinning performance in the Commons. The Prime Minister had confirmed: "We are going forward with all the proposals we put in the spending review and in the Budget."

He acknowledged that the proposals were "difficult" but insisted they were necessary. He then went on to mock Mr Miliband and sneered: "He's got a plan for Prime Minister's Questions but he's got no plan for the economy, no plan for the debt, no plan for the mess they made."

Lib Dem MP Bob Russell reacted furiously and told a grinning Mr Cameron: "This is not a laughing matter for the thousands of children who could well become homeless.

"The cost of putting children in bed and breakfast accommodation is greater than housing benefit."

And he begged the Prime Minister: "Will you look again, please?" Other Liberal Democrat MPs said afterwards that it was the mockery by Mr Cameron which had made so many of them angry.

One said: "Cameron has got to realise he's Prime Minister. He has got to try to stop point-scoring."

Ross J Warren

Of course there is an alternative you know, we could impose a freeze on rentals in London. Somehow I think there would be an outcry if we did that.
Free markets and all that!

If we really do end up houseing familes in bed and breakfast the cost will be far greater. A difficult proposal that in my opnion has not been thought through.

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