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November 27, 2009


Sally Roberts

Boris is becoming more and more loved by the public - especially in that part of London! I remember going round London with him and our Euro Candidates during the Campaign (on a boiling hot day!), taking photographs. At one stage he was being absolutely mobbed by school children who thought he was the most wonderful thing ever!


Will more celebs stand as Mayoral candidates?


@Tapestry, Who cares who stands as long as they get the job done.

Gary Bland

Boris can come over as a buffoon at times, but that is part of his charm. He is articulate, intelligent and genuinely cares about his role as mayor and the people he serves.

Boris has a personality unlike any other politician, and there is no pretence with him; he is what he is. This is a great strength and once people realise he is very serious about his duties and responsibilities, but doesn’t take himself too seriously, the more likely they are to like and admire his personality and steadfast approach to making a difference to the people of London.

Victor M

A super genuine man with great world class education the very antithesis of the man who runs our country today. There is no doubt in my mind that one day he will be PM, unfortunately I cannot say when....
PS. Yes I know he went to Eton..so bl**dy what?

Ross J Warren

I think he is utterly wonderful, if only we had ten Boris's we could rule the whole world. Even so Boris, watch your calories, to many more large dinners and you will be the Cyril Smith of the Conservative revolution. ;-)

Henry Mayhew

He's a very articliate politician.


Lets see who do I trust, Boris or "call me dave" and the winner is .....Boris.

Sadly Boris isn't leader of the Conservative party so they won't be getting my vote and that is a cast iron guarantee, which I'll keep unlike "call me dave" guarantee's.


Top geezer. I look forward to the day I can return my vote to the Conservative party and vote for him.

Strawberries and Bananas

10:30 on a cold, grey, Tuesday 'afternoon'?

Mr Angry

Boris has a level of public popularity that most, if not all, other British politicians can only envy. And the best bit is that he didn't actually work at achieving it, people just like him!

Silver Shred

Actually go out on the street with Alex Salmond and you get a very similar reaction.

Mark M

Wonderful. It's never forced with Boris. With so many others you feel they are doing things because they have to, Boris comes across as doing them because he loves it.

Joe Mooney

Great Mayor Great Man for London.

Tom FD

They should call that supermarket Borisons

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