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November 01, 2009


John Coles

Thank God he's gone.
What a ghastly Blairite apparatchik.

Alan Douglas

To quote Mandy Rice Davies "He would say that, wouldn't he."

Nothing at all to do with the way he screwed the job from straightforward chasing criminals to criminalising the rest of us for "pc" offenses and errors in box-ticking then ?

No, thought not ....

Alan Douglas


the blairites like blair and blair started all this by copying the american system.i dont agree with it.the police and civil service used to be impartial.blair put pay to that.tragic.

what now.the tories have to do that same and make sure the lefties are out of plum jobs for years and years.


Blair was lead in his statements by Marr.

And there was no opportunity to reply given to Boris Johnson,or any Conservative.

It was pathetic.

Marr's history programmes are excellent.

Why doesn't he fuck off and keep his oily hands stuck in the past where his head belongs?

The man's bias to Labour is a total joke, and should not be allowed near anything real.

As regards 1903 he's a genius. Someone should let him know that Queen Victoria is dead. It's embarrassing.


Bliar is as big a dolt as his nasty namesake. The greatest joke in his former job since that bloke who failed to catch Jack the Ripper.

So elected police chief are a 'bad idea' because they encourage 'populism'? Well the fact that this buffoon opposes them means they're OK with me. There's no danger that anyone would elect the deepuly UNpopular Blair. Getting rid of him was the best day's work BoJo ever did.

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