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April 03, 2009



Boris = legend

Sally Roberts

Well done Boris! I'd have picked up my backpack too and left those pompous Wotsits to it too!!


Well, I have considerable sympathy with the Mayor. This was a prime example of Labour members on a crusade, turning what should have been a reasoned enquiry into a kangaroo court.


Bloody well done Boris!


Well done Boris. Long may you reign.


Very poor response from Boris. How does he expect to be able to put others on the spot in his position as Mayor?

John Haynes

As Parliament has voted 80% of their jobs to Brussels, these total waste of time Parliamentary Committees is all that is left for them to do, apart from fiddling their expenses of course. Well done BoJo, you are a breath of fresh air amid the stench of corruption that comes from Westminster !

Henry Mayhew - ukipper

If the system needs Boris to leap into action before 7AM something is wrong. At least he noticed it had started to snow the night before.


All I can say is look what prats Labour make of themselves in opposition!...Even worse then when in 'supposed' power!

Boris is doing a great job and i'll tell you why! He stood on several promises and is delivering on them! Thats all we can ask for from a politician! If Labour dont like it tough! He has a democratic mandate AND is being true to his word! Which is far more than Brown and Labour have and do!

If Labour dont want him, then tough! The majority of Londoners did!

Victor M

Superb Boris - should have left the morons to it and gone to the pub. Like it's your personal fault the worst snow for 20 years or something. I find it hard to believe these are sort of cretins you have to deal with daily, it's the reason I never continued in the world of politics in my short lived career in politics I found most of these fools.


I think lots of Labourites just can't get over the fact that Boris won.
Is n't the point that such heavy snowfalls in London are now extremely rare and to spend money on all the preparation and equipment to deal with such snowfalls would be a waste of money when there are so many other things needing expenditure?

Paul J

It's worth bearing in mind that Boris has been in his job for less than a year and Labour ran London for a decade before then.

If one accepts the spurious argument that we need to spend a lot of taxpayers' money preparing for a once in 20 years event, then why didn't Labour do it?

I really cannot wait to see some of the hypocrites attaacking Boris yesterday together with this incompetent, arrogant and pathetic Labour Government thrown out of office next year.


Typical Tory toff. Can't play as a striker so he takes his ball home. PATHETIC!



I've already told you what i think of you on here before.

He has a city of 8 million people to run! He doesnt have to to sit there listening to pathetic partisan questions from a sulking labour party.

If toff is the best you can come up with (and lets face it, it is). Then you really are in for serious disapointment in 13 months.

And just for the record i dont really know what the definition of a toff is...

But i went to a crap high state high school, made it to one of the top 10 unis, and had a MSc before i was 22 despite my parents losing their home in that time. So no Eton for me...yet i am a Conservative(we dont call Liberals Whigs so dont call me a Tory).


Dear Tory,

First of all I do not give a toss what your opinion is of me.

Boris is the Mayor of London and therefore is accountable to the electorate. He was being questioned as other politicians are with regards quite a major incident. An incident that yes was out of his control. Unfortunately he acted like a child in walking out of the questioning. I would say exactly the same thing if it were any Labour or Liberal Democrat politician (they are dims for the record). If he is incapable of answering questions then he needs to get an assistant who can. However, he has not been that lucky with his assistants in the past.

With regard the 'Toff' tag. Do not take it personally. I post on Con Home and get called a 'Troll' and I don't start crying or storm out of a meeting.


If you'd been listening, Joshsillyname, you would have heard the Chairman agreeing that the session's time limit had been reached, so there was no need for Boris to stay and listen to silly questions.


joshsillyname? LMAO. No worries, erm *coughs* Roman!!



Why would I want to leave a meeting where everytime you talk you make a bigger prat of yourself?

I've never called you a troll, I dont care what you do with your spare time. Though I will have a guess you do a lot of something begining with 'T'...and no i dont mean trolling haha!

Anyhow as I explained to you there is no Tory party, it has been the Conservatives for over 100 years! So if you have a problem with the Tories kindly find a time machine and take it up with Pitt the younger!

Speaking of mayoral assistants...didn't Lee Jasper do a good job?

Lets face it you hate Boris and everything he stands for...but hey chin up! He's in power and more popular than Red Ken ever could be!

If you think Red Ken is a good person and was a good mayor then please do say so...

Then everyone will know what a plonker you are!


Jshshsss, god can I be bothered, sorry that you have trouble with my name - it's pretty common in central Europe, whence my family background, hence my name.


Yeah OK. Anyway I am off to Barcelona for a long weekend. But do not fear I will have my Blackberry with me. Later peeps x

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