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March 17, 2009


michael mcgough

London Citizens ALL!


Ross Warren

Maybe its OK in London after all it's a capital city. What we don't want is unrestricted immigration into Wiltshire. I will support Boris if there is an absolute commitment to tough new laws in the wake of this amnesty. Britian has to put up the "Full" sign in no uncertain terms. I am quite happy to except anyman into my community as long as he is prepared to follow the laws of our collective will.
What? I am unwilling to tolerate people living in our land and plotting to remove heads in acts of blood aimed at appising a monster. I object to minibagdads and see no reason to tolerate treasons. So this maybe is the mark of the Britain that he seeks to protect his own brood above theirs. On on to victory Boris...


Gordon Brown should back Boris on this immigration issue cuz this is a serious issue i have to be dealth sooner rather than later,give anmestry to thos living here illigally bacause all of them cannot be doported and the same time tighten the border,something have to be done to solve this issue.or if not it will be like AMERICA where 12 million illigal immigrant live they dont pay tax they are not park of the society,

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