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February 14, 2009



Vaz says a 'transcript'. To make such a detailed record, he doubtless recorded the conversation, against all protocol. When questioned whether he had done so, Vaz looked extremely shifty, and refused to answer. How sleazy! And to make the private conversation public was surely illegal without the mayor's consent?




What an evasive turd Keith Vaz is, the way he pointedly avoided answering the questions and stuck to his smug prepared lines.

I would be happy to bet that he did record that conversation and personally arranged for it it be leaked to the press.


Vaz is a true scumbag.

Thank goodness dinosaurs like him and his corrupt friends in the labour party will soon be on their way to the back benches or worse.

Ross Warren

Well I suppose we should all be warned that Labour is going to play dirty in the run up to the next election. So if the smug Vaz took no offence why did he leak the Fu**ing conversation. He is clearly a F**kin creep.
However we should all be a little more careful about what we say most especially to the F****** T**ts in the Labour party.

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