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December 11, 2008


Paul Biggs

Why Boris? What's the point - unless sitting in the dark is demonstrating the effect of current energy policy being blighted by climate-carbon-claptrap?


Somebody has to say it.... is "Boris to be in the dark" any different,intellectually, from any other hour of Boris' working life ? Just this time he won't have an electric light burning away too.

As Father Dougal said.. "That's me Ted; the lights are on but there is nobody home".

Steve Foley

This is just too silly! Pandering to the "Green Climate Change Lobby". Really Boris, I would have thought that there were far more important matters to deal with in London than performing a stupid gesture like that!

I've been mugged by Darling

I can see why Lynton Crosby banned Borris drinking during the London Mayor campaign.

What on earth is Borris drinking to come out with a daft idea like this?

Cos I'll have a large one with soda water.

Steve Tierney

Sounds okay to me. Its a symbolic gesture. As a symbolic gesture it's already getting coverage (and he hasn't even done it yet) making it as good or better than many others.

I find it amazing that people regular comment (humourously or otherwise) to the effect that Boris is 'stupid'. Anybody who has listened to him knows that's patently not the case; he's a very smart man indeed.

Now you may agree with him, or you may not. You may find his style amusing or irritating. But we all have differences with one another. It's incredibly arrogant to assume that because somebody doesn't speak quite the way you do, that means they aren't as clever as you.

He is, after all, the Mayor of London, and so quite possibly the most powerful Conservative in the country. His critics here and elsewhere might do well to emulate such success before shooting their witty comments out in a self-congratulatory fashion.

Lindsay Jenkins

How ridiculous!

christina Speight

First I've heard of this! What's the idea? Climate change rubbish again. If so I'll spend the hour with all lights blazing - the oven on with the door open and the hot taps all running. This world is getting colder so I'll warm it up a bit./

Libertarian defector to UKIP

Lights out is exactly what will happen if the Conservatives continue with their green lunacy.

The fact that Boris has bought into this nonsense confirms that I was right to vote for Gerard Batten (UKIP) as my first preference.

Geoff Middleton

Boris never believed this green garbage previously.
Then he got elected as Mayor.
Now he says he believes the green garbage.
Common Purposed?


If you see through your defences that automatically go up when he says 'carbon', he actually makes sense. Generally talking about a symbolic gesture which he probably won't do (sounds like he was joking) and how London can be a world leader in innovation to become more efficient - which is good for everyone, and as a byproduct produces less CO2 to keep the ecowarriors happy.
It's not like ken's 'reduce carbon or I'll bankrupt you' style ecocommunism.

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