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September 10, 2008


Peter Kirby

What a pity that Mr. Johnson did not use the occasion to point out that the science is not settled. Every aspect of the global warming campaign is under attack by academics from all over the world who are publishing papers eroding the warmist case. Last March a conference of academics in New York received a number of papers critical of the CO2 hypothesis and ended the conference by publishing the Manhattan Declaration dissenting from the IPCC position. That declaration has now been signed by over 32000 academics including more than 9000 Ph.D.s. What Mr. Johnson should be doing is calling a conference in London to examine the new and latest evidence and if global warming is happening draw up policies of adaptation rather than mitigation requiring reduction of CO2 at a cost which will ruin the economies of the West. Think about just one fact: 1900 to 1998 global temperature (after some ups and downs) rose by 0.7degrees C; 1999 to 2006 it was steady; 2007 it fell by 0.7C despite ever increasing CO2. So, in 2007 it fell 100 times faster than it rose between 1900 and 1998. Enormous forces are at work: solar, galactic, and cosmic far stronger than anything puny man can do. Wake up Mr. Johnson.

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