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August 25, 2008



There has been a lot of dreary and dismal commenting on this at your Labour competitor, but it is good to see a Mayor who had a good laugh at what was a completely apolitical event.

One can well imagine Livingstone giving a very dreary earnest speech, linking arms with Brown, and utterly depressing the spirits of the assorted (potentially inebriated) crowds at London House, all for political capital. Thank goodness he didn't have the chance, so that London can echo in 2012 to the sounds of "Ping pong's coming home, it's coming home".


WHS, agreed. Livingstone would have attempted a comparison between Olympic athletes and some obscure South American communist revolutionary. He probably would have mentioned himself at some point as well; in the context of helping us win so many medals, of course.


WHS - are you referring to LabourHome? I can't seem to find a thread on thos issue.


It was odd how the camera never once showed Brown while Boris was talking, even though Brown was standing right next to him. Was that requested by Brown?

The 'sorrowful pteradactyl' (KL) would have been so dull in comparison.

I'm sure I heard Boris say the word 'tripe!' while being interviewed by John Humphreys about his saying the word 'piffle!'.

So much easier to answer dumb questions in that way, rather than with long-winded political answers. A bit like a game of wiff-waff!


Richard - I do, and this is the thread:

Richard Holloway

It's actually a very great point Boris has made. What is that spirit, that Great British spirit that improvises, improves, invents and organises? We HAVE codified or invented most of the sports in the world. We HAVE invented or improved upon the great inventions through history. We should be proud of all these things, and looking constantly to how we can engender that spirit of can-do in every generation. It's in our Olympic athletes, one has to wonder if it's being taught in our schools to a generation of exam takers?

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