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May 01, 2008


Roger Helmer

Simon Heffer says that Boris is ambitious, and that he is very good at surrounding himself with people who help him to deliver results. Sounds to me like the ideal qualifications for the job of London Mayor.


I can't stop looking at his profile shot... he really looks like the penguin from that Batman movie, only ginger and more gruesome to look at...


It is certain that either Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson will be elected Mayor of London today; if not one, then without any doubt the other.

Knowing this, Simon Heffer has chosen to direct a vitriolic attack against Boris. In the circumstances, this is indistinguishable from an endorsement of Livingstone. I don't believe that Simon Heffer *admires* Livingstone, but his actions in denigrating Ken's only real rival for the post of Mayor put his own spitefulness before the interests of Londoners.

Tom FD

I hate this filming technique. It looks as if they're pressed against one another. I can imagine Liz Hunt being quite embarrassed by the finished video here, it looks disgusting.


I have to say that, although I disagree with him on many things, the more I see of Heffer, the more impressive he seems.


Who in the world gives a rat's ass as to what Simon Heffer thinks? What a pompous buffoon, and what an awful video. Who cares if Simon Heffer is jealous? God, Lindsey Lohan's latest caper is a thousand times more interesting than Heffer's potential jealousy.

Alan Carcas

Poor old Simon Heffer. Continually a victim of his own bilious verbosity. Never noted for the depth of his thinking. Why should his opinions be given more credence than anybody else? Because he is a newspaper hack? Give me strength!


You've lost a lot of goodwill from a lot of people for this contrarian view Mr Heffer. Your body language while discussing "envy" is most revealing.

Liebour are widely disliked, even hated, and you've offered them practical support when they most need it.

Hope you're not thinking of repeat offending during the GE campaign.

Not Boris

Who is this vacuous hack Liz *unt? She has written nothing of substance and it is she who is envious of Heffer.


I'm sorry, was this video meant to show Liz Hunt catching Simon Heffer out? He made his points brilliantly and she didn't trouble him once. Love him or loath him, Heffer's much more intelligent than she is. That's not being biased, that's the obvious truth.

If Boris gets in I hope he has more able deputies than this lady doing his work for him - God forbid he actually does anything himself or London is going to collapse in on itself...


is this the tipping point.....or is that to weak an expression?

Portillo is an e.... what

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