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April 21, 2008


Justin Hinchcliffe

Oh dear, Boris not quite understanding liberty or section 28. Very good points from Lindsay German - gosh, never thought I'd agree with her on anything.


I thought Boris did well here.

It is of interest that a London poll on fitlads.net (a gay social website, dominated by 18 to 24 year olds) has Boris leading 36 % to 35 % for Livingstone.

I am gay and very much hoping for a Conservative win in London next week- clearly, I am not alone.

Barnbrook, Richard (British National Party)6%
Batten, Gerard (United Kingdom Independence Party)0%
Craig, Alan (Christian Choice)1%
Berry, Sian (Green Party)3%
German, Lindsey (Left List)2%
Johnson, Boris (Conservative Party)36%
Livingstone, Ken (Labour Party)35%
McKenzie, Winston (Independent)0%
O'Connor, Matt (English Democrats)0%
Paddick, Brian (Liberal Democrats)18%

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