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February 19, 2008


James Cullis

Well done ken!


You have the wrong headline.

Not Ken Livingstone gets angry but Ken Livingstone loses it.

He is clearly unfit to be Mayor.

Tony Makara

All very politburo!


He sounded pissed to me...again...


What an embarressment the man is. Now I know what it felt like to be an American and have Bush in the White House.


I've witnessed these meetings before. It's more like a baiting chamber than a debating chamber.
The arrogant sneering and jeering of some members there is worse than the HoC.
Well done to Ken for standing up for his staff.


Ken might have been pissed....reserve judgement until the facts are known.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Sadly, this clip is likely to endear people to him. Most people will think 'good on him' for standing up for himself against a bunch of self-serving non-entities and ego-maniacs (of all parties).

Conservative Homer

Whatever it is, i dont think he ever had it to lose.


I don't know who sits where as I don't live anywhere near London, but he seems to be making a reasonable request from the clip shown. He doesn't get irrational. His message is bitingly consistent. He asks for someone who evidently has earned the ire of the council to speak for himself. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

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