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September 18, 2013


It doesn't add up...

This shows the poverty of ambition of the Lib Dems. Instead of aspiring to replace Labour as a potential party of government, with broad support, all Lib Dems can think of is being the tail that wags the dog by fixing the voting systems and Parliament so their tiny support might have a casting vote. They do not deserve to succeed.

Phil Kean

Meanwhile, down at the Liberal septic tank !

I mean, he went through his list of proud achievements and aspirations, and I heard NOT ONE that I didn't find abhorrent and against the national interest.

I tell a lie. I did like the fact that the Liberals brought in the smoking ban and stopped people slaughtering innocent creatures for pleasure. What? That was Lab...? Oops.

The odd thing about Liberals is that when you hear them talking, or should that be fantasising? And you hear naivety, stupidity, irresponsibility, hypocrisy (democratic values?), incompetence, childishness, delusion and absolutism - you must understand the fact that, they actually BELIEVE all that stuff.

Oh yes. Liberals may inhabit a world where, in their opinion, everyone else is wrong, and they are only ever right, but remember that there are plenty of people in mental institutions and secure prison wings who think the same way they do.

I would like to end this comment by saying that it is the end of the accursed Liberals. But I can't.


We can raise you and do better than that we will in time bring
down the three parties, UKIP.

Malcolm Dunn

This speech is so easy to fisk. Yes to votes for prisoners! Yes to more immigration! Yes to reducing our nuclear defences! Etc etc etc. I hope senior Tories behave with the same aggression toward the Liberal Democrats as they have towards us this week. What Clegg thought admirable, defending the human rights act, attacking measures to control immigration, questioning the continuance of our Trident submarines I believe is bad for the country and electorally disastrous for him.


Yes, indeed you will break down the two party system Mr Clegg, as on present trends it looks like UKIP will be the new third party while the LDs disappear into oblivion


Tricky Nicky engaging in political self-gratification while he still has the time. If I were the Headmaster of Westminster School, I would want to erase from the institutional record any memory of those two devious charlatans, Clegg and Huhne. At least he doesn't have to deal with the late Cyril Smith.....although the Lib Dems do because they covered up for him for decades.

Watching the Lib Dem conference this week reminded me of a bad episode of Big Brother: joyless pompous self-righteous Beardie Weirdies, members of a corrupt and often authoritarian sect, who get off on taxing people and ordering them about. As they love to tell us, "we are a party of the left". No wonder Matthew Parris has been hanging around Glasgow telling anyone foolish enough to listen about how wonderful the Coalition is.

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