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September 16, 2013


Elaine Turner

"I didn't come into politics to make savings" - doesn't that just sum the Lib Dems up beautifully? Can we replay that bit every time there is a contest between the Conservatives and Liberals? No wonder we aren't paying down the deficit as fast as we would like with that kind of attitude from the Lib Dems - what a hostage to fortune that quote was!

Malcolm Dunn

Nick Clegg is either a very weak man or he is in a weak position within his party. To have his most senior economic spokesman missing from a conference debate on the economy is utterly ridiculous. If I were a Lib Dem MP or activist I would be furious with Cable and furious with Clegg for allowing it to happen.


Of course he didn't come into politics to make savings. Charity begins at home and the Cleggs are doing rather nicely out of public spending. As well as expenses, he has an unfunded tax-exempt EU pension paid for by ordinary people (and certianly not by him....). Will he elect to pay proper tax on it? Of course not.

Meanwhile the fragrant Miriam is effectively a lobbyist for the windfarm industry which makes many millions out of the taxes and fuel poverty of people who can only dream of the Clegg's affluence.

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