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July 14, 2013



"climate change scientists" Says it all really. No better than Media Studies and Sociology etc...

Man in a Shed

David Cameron can't hide from the fact that this man is his minister.

The underlying problem here is he's another Oxford PPE clone with no grasp of science or the politics of science. ( Of course there's loads of 'climate change scientists' who agree with the thing that provides them funding and a career - what more of a surprise is why government minsters are so naive.)

It would be fine if nothing mattered about this horrendous mismanagement, but the truth is its going to cripple us.

Only UKIP talk sense on this issue.


Someone as naive and gullible as Ed Davey shows just why the current crop of politicians are just so unfit to govern. Ed of course a majority of scientists that you pay with taxpayers money to come up with this conclusion, guess what come up with this conclusion.

If you are so sure why not publish the scientific papers that prove this link? Oh there aren't any.



Ken Stevens

This is set out in http://www.skepticalscience.com/global-warming-scientific-consensus.htm
"97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming."

However, a pertinent point is made in the first comment made in response to the report:
"Consensus only has meaning if there is no pressure to conform in either direction. In the climate debate this is extremely far from being true. How far could we reasonably expect a questioner to go in an IPCC panel when that instantly collects a denialist label and probably guarantees a dead end to even the most able career? ..."

That calls to mind a quote by Upton Sinclair “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”


His "science" does not convince me, and the most unscientific way to try to promote an argument is to say that most people believe it.

It doesn't add up...

8 Out of 10 cats said their owners preferred it.

The "scientific consensus" turns out to have been established by some highly selective statistical manipulation than makes the Mann hockey stick seem like primary school stuff. It wouldn't get past the Advertising Standards Authority.

The real facts are that the climate predictions made by successive climate models have not been borne out in practice, and that Ed Davey is desperate to conceal real facts from the public - such as the extent of our shale gas resources, and the cost of the Lib Dem Expensive Energy and Rationing Bill on the economy.

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

I bet they don't really.


I am ever more aghast at this fool of a minister. He is not only grossly ignorant about current climate science but also a blatant liar on energy costs. He very well knows that solar and wind power are extremely expensive, and even more so the STOR, of which were are beginning to learn (with horror). Andrew Neil seemed pretty well briefed, but could have presented more evidence about the historical temperature record to show Davey's ignorance more starkly. I look forward to Neil grilling Davey on sea temperature and ice caps. Davey could be made to look utterly incompetent - if Neil has the will to do it.

Steve Tierney

Don't blame Ed Davey. He's a Lib Dem. They can't help themselves. It's like being a Conservative but not believing in the power of free markets. It can't be done. Oh wait...


The fact that most climate scientists believe something may not be a sufficient reason to believe it, however many on here seem to think it is a reason to disbelieve it.

Victor Southern

Davey muddled up percentages with temperatures and referred to a 2% increase. He
was muddled in his phrasing on other issues.I think he is not very intelligent and so easily led by those who is forced to accept as his intellectual superiors. Brillo was clearly unimpressed.


[Ugh] Not Davey. Is there a dumber politician in Westminster?


Well I'm a scientist - & I say man-made activity is NOT causing it! It's all a CON so that politicians can justify more taxes, & big business can make more easy profits.

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