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July 01, 2013



Clegg has been promoted beyond his level of incompetence and is already overpaid.


Proposals that MPs should have a pay rise taking their annual salary from £65,000 to £88,000 per year.

Totally unethical and immoral when public sector workers are being told to take NO pay rises.

MPs and civil servants have always traditionally been paid badly so as to weed out those who enter the job for the money as opposed to those who do it for public service.

As to the comparison with Germany and French MPs well one could just as well say German and French public sectors workers are also paid more in those countries.

If MPs don't like the pay well they can resign and go and do something else if money is all they are interested in.

MPs pay rises should be capped to the same level as that given to public sector workers.

Peter Krieg

How magnanimous of Clegg to say he won't take his pay rise after the next election, considering theres a reasonable chance he won't be an MP after the next election. Nevermind Nick, I'm sure the EU machine will be on hand to offer you a cushy position at more than your current MP's take home.

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