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March 11, 2013



Very pleased that they are both going to prison. I like it when people more successful than me are toppled and bought low.


abu qatada claims another breach of his human rights, he has just discovered huhne is his cell mate


Belby and Saltire you should be ashamed of yourselves. Talk about mean spirited and cheap. Have you never made a mistake? Ever? It is a human tragedy for a small misdemeanour. Of course they should not have done it. Of course they have to pay for their mistakes. But be big and noble for a change. These are human beings brought low by their own failures. There but for.......go you.

Sandy amieson

I am not sure whether for his type of offence a custodial sentence is appropriate. First of all, it is unlikely either will commit a similar offence again and it cannot be said either is a danger to society. It also would be interesting to estimate the cost of what their sentence would be to an overcrowded prison service an whether that self same prison service will have to take any special measures to protect them.

Nevertheless they have committed a serious offence. I would have thought a £500,000.00 fine each would be appropriate. That way the state makes a profit. Justice is see to be done rather than both spending most of the next four months in an open prison an being quietly released some time in late July

Frank Furter

Lets be clear, this is not a small misdemeanour - it is an offence for which a custodial sentence is entirely appropriate. It is conduct which undermines the fairness of the system of justice and spits in the face other accused who speak truthfully. Perjury is a serious offence by an individual telling an untruth under oath. Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is even more serious becuase it is two or more people plotting to tell an untruth. In this case it is even more serious because one is himself a lawmaker. I think they got off lightly. If Sharon and Dean from Mill Lane had been caught in the same conspiracy they would have got more than this.


The law is an ass - this offence (to pervert the course of justice) could result in life imprisonment.
The reality is that we are talking about a speeding fine.
Abu Qatada is one thing but Huhne and Pryce are another.

Michael mcgough

Eight months is a long time in politics


I can't believe that people are being so charitable because if this was a Conservative MP he would probably have been given 8 years. Jeffrey Archer got 4 years for perjury Chris Huhne can count himself lucky.

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